Buy NiSi 55 mm SMC UV Lens Filter (MCUV55, Black) Online - Croma
  • ROHS(Restrictions on Hazardous Substances) - Protection
  • Multi coating on both sides
  • High quality optical glass for high transmittance and highly smooth surface
  • Easy to clean
  • Ultra thin: Minimize vignetting effect on wide angle lenses
  • Product Category

    • Product Category

    • Lens Filter
    • Suitable for

    • DSLR Camera
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  • Manufacturer Details

    • Brand

    • Nisi
    • Model Series

    • MCUV55
    • Model Number

    • MCUV55


The purpose of ultraviolet or “UV” filters is to block some of the UV light from entering the camera lens. During outdoor photography, UV light increases the effect of atmospheric haze making distant objects less sharp. Thus, by using UV filters, we can get clearer scenic photos.

Most people also use UV filters to protect their camera lenses. UV filters are thin, circular pieces of glass that fit over the front of your lens, and so can protect them from scratches, smudges or cracks. These filters thus provide an excellent first line of defense for the front element of the lens. Also, high-quality UV filters can remain on the lens at all times as they have no effect on indoor photos and do not reduce the amount of visible light entering the lens.

Optical Glass

Nisi 55mm SMC UV Filters are ultra-thin filters that employ high quality, Japanese ultraviolet absorbing optical glass. The double-sided, multi-coated lens, having the highly smooth surface, assures high transmittance of light, thus preventing unnecessary reflection and any vignetting effect on wide angle lenses.

Ultra-thin aluminium frame 

The Nisi 55mm SMC UV Filter has an ultra-thin aluminium frame (only 5.2 mm thin) to help avoid vignetting on super wide angle lenses. Additionally, superfine dull polishing and elaborate knurling of the frame ensures that the frame will not blanch because of repeated rotation. The screw thread in front of the frame makes it easy to install the lens cap and other accessories. 

Care has been taken to ensure that the Nisi 55mm SMC UV Filter is made of non-hazardous materials as per the European Union’s standards of environment protection—ROHS (Restrictions on Hazardous Substances).


The Nisi 55mm SMC UV Filter also acts as a general protective filter to leave on lenses at all times, preventing dust and moisture from reaching your lens element and providing additional protection in case there is a fall. The Nisi 55mm SMC UV Filter is easy to use and clean.