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  • Subject: Engineering | Technology
  • For: Single User, Suitable for: Up to 22 Years
  • Ideal For: Home Learning
  • Toy Category

    • Product Type

    • Learning System
    • Ideal For

    • 6-10 Years | 16-20 Years
  • Educational Category

    • Product Type

    • DIY Kit
    • Subject

    • Engineering
    • Suitable for

    • Age 12+

Why buy O2i Series2021 DIY Kit for Children and Students up to 22 years


  • Easy to Understand Instructional Manual by anyone, whether the learner is a child or a starter
  • Software Skills that benefit the learner in the long run
  • Practical Experience on AI Face Recognition technology and its working behind an AI application
  • Do-It-Yourself kit provides a hands-on approach that helps children learn faster and retain longer


With learning techniques increasing at a rapid pace, it is always a challenge to make students and children alike to keep their interests spiked to acquire knowledge. But if learning is mixed with entertainment, children and students can both have their interests constantly at learning new things. This is exactly what the O2i Series2021 DIY Kit for Children and Students up to 22 years has been created for. The AI face bot learning kit is being designed to pique interests for young minds in the field of artificial intelligence, programming, face recognition and chatbot. The learning kit is a great way to gain exposure on coding, AI, chatbot and how it functions.


Having the O2i Series2021 DIY Kit for Children and Students up to 22 years young children and students will be able to get their first glimpse on the programming language Python. In addition to the introduction of programming, the kids will also be able to see through combination of programming and data training of how a face can be recognized and a machine can communicate through the right channels of coding. That’s not all! With the O2i Series2021 DIY Kit for Children and Students up to 22 years the learner will be able to make their own chatbot that can be implemented on various platforms and also shared directly with anyone. The AI face bot is truly a game changer when it comes to introducing learning toys and kits to children and students alike. Purchase this learning kit now and make your money worth and investment for your child’s bright future!