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 Customers purchasing mobile phone valued Rs. 10,000 and above will be eligible for a Croma gift card worth the down payment amount (Equal to ONE EMI) applicable under the 12 month EMI scheme using Bank Credit cards. The amount will be received by the customer in the form of value loaded on a gift card in two installments.

Validity:  5th May to 30th May 2016 (Both Days Inclusive)

Offer details:  On purchase of Mobile phone of more than Rs. 10,000/-, on 12 month EMI,the customer will be eligible to receive, through Gift Card, a value equal to the down payment amount on a 12-months finance scheme.


For Example: If the customers purchases mobile phone at MOP of Rs. 12000 on a 12 month EMI scheme using Bank Credit cards,

  1. Customer will receive cash back on Croma Gift Card with a value of Rs. 1000/- which is also equal to ONE EMI. Customer will receive this amount in two instalments.

  2. The interest levied by the customer’s bank has to be borne by the customer.

  3. At the time of billing, customer will be issued a gift card by redeeming Re. 1/- on the invoice.

  4. Customer to send SMS from his mobile to 7200666000 with the 16 digit card no. to activate the card within 15 days from its issuance. The card would activate only after 7 days from the date of invoice and activation request received.

  5. Once the SMS is sent, customer will get message stating “Your Croma Gift Card is now activated! 1-month EMI value back will be credited to your card over the next 4 months.

  6. On meeting both the conditions, 7 days from the date of invoice and on receipt of the SMS activation request, the customer will get Rs. 500 (Rs.1000 divided by 2) two times; the second part of EMI would be received after 90 days from the date of invoice or the date of activation, whichever is later.

  7. On Reload of the second part of EMI, customer will receive SMS stating “Dear Customer, your Croma Gift Card has been reloaded with INR XXXX. Total Card Balance: XXXX. Card expiry: MMM DD, YYYY.

  8. The redemption of this gift card would be applicable on minimum invoice value of Rs. 2000


*Terms & Conditions:

  • This Promotion is applicable on purchase of mobile phone of Rs. 10,000 and above


  • The redemption of this gift card would only be applicable on minimum invoice value of Rs. 2000

  • This promotion is not applicable on advance invoices

  • Promo Gift card is required to be redeemed in main invoice only. If gift card is issued separately then value back will NOT be credited to the card

  • Promo Gift card if issued for a product invoice value of less than INR 10,000, then value back will not be credited to the card.

  • If the transaction is reversed or refunded then the respective Gift card will not be credited with value back amount. Cashier should instruct QC helpdesk to block the card immediately, if unredeemed and if it is redeemed then the value should be collected from the customer.

  • Customers can avail either ONE-EMI value back on 12 month EMI scheme using Bank Credit cards OR Other offers running in the store

  • Tata Employee Discount:  Will not be valid.

  • SLM Discount/Display Discount: No two offers can be clubbed. Either of the discounts have to be taken

  • Offer Valid only on 12 EMI and not on any other tenure


Process for gift cards issuance and activation of QC Promo Card

  • An activated and Pre-denominated gift card(s), loaded with Re.1 will be shipped at the stores

  • On closure of the sale, cashier needs to redeem these cards on the same invoice. It is must that the “promotional” gift cards redeemed are mapped to its right commercial invoices. 

  • The promotional gift card needs to be activated within 15 days from the date of invoice, If not done; no credit will be loaded on the card.

  • For activations, customer needs to send SMS to the number 7200 666 000

Format for sending SMS for activation of GC - GCACT <SPACE> <CARDNUMBER> to 7200666000 Format for sending SMS for Balance of GC - GCBL <SPACE> <CARDNUMBER> to 7200666000

HIGHLY IMPORTANT: Please educate the customers to retain their cards. Croma Staff is not supposed to retain customer’s gift cards / activate it through their mobile numbers.