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  • 3 Litres, Instant Water Geyser
  • Heat Source: Electricity
  • Ideal Usage: Bathroom
  • Operation Type: Automatic
  • Wall Mount, Vertical
  • 8 bars Water Pressure, Power: 3000 Watts
  • Product Category

    • Capacity

    • 3 Litres
    • Operation Type

    • Automatic
    • Installation Type

    • Wall Mount
  • Features

    • Rated Water Pressure

    • 8 bar

Experience efficient water heating at home for all your needs with the Orient Aura Plus 3 Litres Geyser that comes with an efficient heating element and brilliant design to be an ideal addition to your home. The geyser is an energy efficient option which helps you cut down on your monthly electric bills quite easily. This water geyser comes with heavy copper element materials which is a useful option for your home which gives you warm water for various activities at home making it an ideal choice. The heating element keeps the water warm for long periods of time and is extremely safe to use making the product ideal for your home heating needs. The capacity of this geyser being 3 litres it can bring the heat at a very pace.

Efficient Heating

Be assured of complete and efficient performance as the Orient Aura Plus 3 Litres Geyser makes sure you have access to warm water at all times. It contains a pressure release valve as well to make sure of quick heating and efficient output and delivers warm water very quickly. The inbuilt thermostat also adds to the heating factor for fast and efficient heating thus making it easy to heat water extremely quickly at crunch time.

Durable Design

Apart from providing efficient functionality at all times, the Orient Aura Plus 3 Litres Geyser is an ideal option for your home thanks to its durable design which makes it long lasting. The 8 bar pressure option makes it suitable for all types of high rise buildings making it a go-to option for your water heating needs. The thermal cut out also adds to the safety feature and makes it safe and sound to use for elongated periods over time without any tension or hassle. The long-lasting heating element of the geyser further enhances its efficiency making the geyser an ideal option for your home.