Panasonic 124 cm (49 inch) Full HD LED TV (TH-49E400D, Black) - Price, Specifications & Features

Key Features

  • Adaptive Backlight Dimming
  • Vivid Digital Pro
  • 200Hz BMR
  • Dot Noise Reduction
  • HDMI and USB Inputs


  • Television Category

    • Television Type

    • Flat Panel
    • Television Format

    • Full HD
    • Television Features

    • Standard
    • Ideal Viewing Distance

    • 10 - 12 Ft
  • Manufacturer Details

    • Brand

    • Panasonic
    • Model Series

    • TH-49E400D
    • Model Number

    • TH-49E400D

If you are planning you buy a TV then consider the 49-inch Panasonic TH-49E400D TV. This flat TV is easy to install and seamlessly complements your interior home d�cor. It is loaded with a host of features that make this TV a must buy. Its Vivid Digital Pro technology restricts colour fading and brings alive the bright interplay of natural shades. The special Dot Noise Reduction technology screens each and every digital scintillation and reduces the fizziness of the final output. The Adaptive Backlight Dimming tunes the resolution of even the darkest and brightest object of the screen over any backdrop. The 2 HDMI ports ensure easy connectivity and this is further uplifted with the presence of USB interface. The Media player feature transforms your home entertainment into a movie theatre like experience.

Crucial TV Parameters

The Panasonic TH-49E400D TV features an IPS LED LCD panel that has a resolution of 1920 x 1080. With such a screen and resolution combination, the viewers are bound to experience something unique. If you are a cinema buff then there are reasons for you to smile as it has four different cinema modes like Cinema, True Cinema, Dynamic and Normal. Videos or movies are incomplete without audio and this Panasonic TV features surround sound technology with full range x2 speakers for a holistic sound experience. Just like picture mode, you can now experiment with the sound mode too. The three different sound modes include Music, Speech and User.

Advanced Technological Features

The Vivid Digital Pro retains the natural skin tones and tunes the sharpness of the images by polishing the digital signals. The unique technology also reduces the image noise, delivering superb image quality. Moreover, it also has Dot Noise Reduction that erases the random noise and reduces the graininess and fizziness of the picture. The Adaptive Backlight Dimming constantly screens incoming pictures and adjusts the light output to provide optimum picture clarity. It adds punches to both dark and bright light scenes. What�s more, this Panasonic TH-49E400D TV is equipped with 200Hz Back Light Motion Rate (BMR) technology, which helps you to see your favourite films, sports and TV programmes in sharper visuals.

Flexible Connectivity Options

Multiple devices like a BD player and latest gaming devices can be simultaneously connected with this Panasonic TV, thanks to the multiple HDMI cables. Not only this, you can connect your digital camera and external storage devices with this TV with the help of the USB interface. After transferring your multimedia files into this TV you can project them on a large screen with the help of the media player, which comes loaded as a default program. Moreover, you can customise the playback by adding background score and effects.

With breath-taking and vivid pictures and easy to use features, this Panasonic TH-49E400D TV will definitely pay off your investment in the long run.