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Panasonic 6 Litres TK-CS70 RO + UV Water Purifier (White)

Product Id: 183017

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  • Storage Water Purifier
  • 6 Litres Storage Capacity
  • 6 Purification Stages
  • 4000 Liters 3 Stage Sediment Cartridge Life
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Panasonic 6 Litres TK-CS70 RO + UV Water Purifier (White)


Dimension and Weigth
  • Weight (kg) 8.0 (approx. 14.3 kg when full of water)
Category Type
  • Type of Water Purifier Storage
  • Model Number TK-CS70
  • Brand Panasonic
Company Contact Information
  • Generic Name Water Purifier
Product Description


With the Panasonic 6 Litres TK-CS70 water purifier, you can drink pure and fresh water easily. This white water purifier is compact and stylish, and can enhance the grace of your kitchen. You can easily wall mount it and save the kitchen slab space for other essentials. Made of ABS plastic, it is durable and easy to maintain. Offering 6 Litres water storage capacity, you will not always have to rush to fill water as soon as the tank is full as you can easily dispense water from the RO, itself. Ensuring absolute purity this water purifier kills bacteria in the purified water, as well. It prevents contamination of purified water, which is collected inside the water tank. If you don�t consume purified water the same day you will not have to throw it as the water in the tank will also be cleansed periodically. It can purify approximately 12 Litres water every hour. Lasting and durable its 3 stage sediment cartridge can approximately purify 4000 Litres water, and advanced ECO cartridge and post carbon cartridge cleanses 8000 Litres water. Energy efficient this Panasonic water purifier has 230 V AC and 50 Hz rating and consumes about 35 W power in standby mode.


Water undergoes 6 stage purification process in this Panasonic RO UV water purifier. It includes cloth filter, non woven filter, pre carbon filter, Advanced ECO RO, post carbon and UV. The tap water undergoes these 6 stages, disinfects water of all impurities and provides you clean drinking water. This best water purifier comes with purity sensor, as well. It checks the purification process and immediately stops the water flow if it�s impure. Certified by the Water Quality Association, JWPA and ISO you will always benefit with pure water if you install this RO. Retaining the minerals of the water is its advanced ECO cartridge, which decreases 80-85% of dissolved salts in water and convalesces 40% purified water with minerals. In the process of purification, it ensures minimum water wastage. The advanced ECO RO cartridge retains 40% of water giving you clean and pure water while preventing water wastage. For prevention of water wastage there is also the advanced water sensor switch in this purifier. This averts overflow of water from the tank. Equipped with the auto shut off and auto flush facility this UV water purifier can serve you consumable water for years to come. The auto shut off feature checks the water pressure regularly, which is required to run the machine. It needs 0.5 kg/cm to 2kg/cm pressure to operate and if not met, then the UV lamp and machine immediately go in standby mode on their own. Likewise, increasing the membrane life is the auto flush facility. Using the flow restrictor it cleanses the membrane automatically.

Easy Water Purification

Once you buy this Panasonic 6 Litres water purifier you will be able to enjoy clean and pure water at the press of a button. Use the electronically controlled touch pad and enjoy safe drinking water. Easy to use and understand it comes with utility indicators including cartridge life, UV fail and tank fail indicator. The cartridge life indictor specifies the purification cartridge life and when exhausted the water flow stops immediately. This helps in providing you pure and clean water, always. In case there is any problem or error in the UV lamp indicator, you will get know with the UV fail indicator and water supply will also stop. If accidentally the tank is not fitted properly the tank fail indicator can indicate that and stop the water purification process. This water purifying system on its own monitors and ensures that you always benefit with fresh and clean water. Its cleanliness and maintenance is also easy as the tank is detachable. You can easily remove and clean the tank from time to time, and maintain proper hygiene.


This high performing, durable and sturdy Panasonic water purifier white can be a perfect addition to any house. Enjoy good health by having safe drinking water this monsoon.