Panasonic 81 cm (32 inch) HD Ready LED Smart TV (TH-32FS600D, Black) - Price, Specifications & Features
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    • HD Ready
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    • Under 6 Ft
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    • TH-32FS600D
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    • TH-32FS600D


A delightful pictorial ride that is beyond belief When all you want is that incredible cinematic experience from the confines of your living room, Panasonic LED 32 inch Full HD Smart TV (Black TH-32FS600D) is your one-stop solution!  Dive straight into the vivid picture quality and Panasonic LED 32 inch Full HD Smart TV (Black TH-32FS600D) helps bring the cinematic wonder to your doorstep! Images are now full of vigor with colours getting sprayed across your screen and the experience made more enjoyable with 4K HDR. A huge plus is the Smart feature that is super user-friendly. Panasonic LED 32 inch Full HD Smart TV additionally offers Hexa Chroma drive which ensures that you enjoy an unbelievably varying colour plethora. In short, this is a mesmerising, thoroughly enjoyable audio-visual joyride with your entire family that takes cinematic viewing pleasure to an altogether new level! Expect only the best because Panasonic LED 32 inch Full HD LED Smart TV offers you nothing less.

HDR together with Smart Entertainment

Panasonic LED 32 inch Full HD Smart TV assures that you get 4K HDR imagery that gives you such cinematic pleasure that is hard to find with any other model. A thorough visual delight that knows no parallel. Add to that the feature of being a Smart TV which has become a household commodity in today’s times. Panasonic LED 32 inch Full HD Smart TV ensures that this feature is user-friendly and hence, super easy to use as well. This TV offers a rich platter of colours that gets splashed across your screen thanks to the Hexa Chroma Drive that uses the 6-Colour Reproduction. Such a beauty of brush strokes on your TV is indeed a plus. An absolute visual treat to the eyes that makes TV viewing a thorough delight. All of this is possible thanks to this feature that ensures that colour balance is maintained by adding 3 complementary colours (CMY) to the 3 basic colour axes (RGB). This thereby guarantees visual appeal that is so stunning that it is incomparable!

Panasonic LED 32 inch Full HD Smart TV (Black TH-32FS600D) also boasts of IPS LED Super Bright Panel Plus that assures charismatic picture articulateness, vigor and that required added dynamism. Images now get brighter with high-efficiency LED lights and a fabulously transmissive IPS panel. In short, this is perfect for a family get together as members can now sit all around the TV set and enjoy the viewing experience.

Multi HDR Formats

Panasonic LED 32 inch Full HD Smart TV (Black TH-32FS600D) also boasts of a Standard HDR format like HDR10. This is a feature that ensures that you get the desired brightness quotient for an overall stunning cinematic immersion. Additionally, you can now connect your TV with a wireless audio speaker with the help of the Bluetooth audio link function which is very easy to operate. A complete package that Panasonic LED 32 inch Full HD Smart TV (Black TH-32FS600D) is, it is also a personalized solution to your content of choice. In short, it’s almost like a personal home screen that takes care of the needs of every member of the family.