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A smartphone is a type of mobile phone that has advanced hardware configurations and a dedicated mobile operating system that allows it to act as a mobile computing device and has various features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, gaming, advanced cameras, etc. Unlike basic mobile phones, smartphones help to virtually perform all your daily communication and transactions by giving you the freedom to choose right at your fingertips. With the world moving towards a paperless economy, having the latest & best smartphones at one's discretion has become an ever-growing necessity. Smartphones can be used for paying bills by online banking or even exchanging cash payments by email or text messages.


Types of smartphones


Currently, smartphones can mainly be classified into 2 types: iPhones and Android.



iPhone is a brand of smartphone developed and marketed by the U.S. based company Apple Inc. They use their own proprietary operating system known as iOS which is specifically designed for iPhones. iOS is stable, has quick updates and is helpful in more efficient internal memory management while using mobile apps. iPhones are known to have robust quality and good aesthetic designs.


Android Phones:

Android phone is a type of smartphone that uses the Android operating system. By the year 2018, more than 85% of smartphones were using the Android operating system. Due to the majority of brands using the Android operating system, customers have a large variety to choose among Android smartphones ranging from cheap smartphones to some of the best smartphones. Android phones have very good support from App developers for the creation and updates of mobile apps.


Features of smartphones


Smartphones of today are like your personal assistant. It is a multi-dimensional all in-in-one device that supports image & video recording, music playback, instant messaging, setting reminders & alarms, 3D gaming, video calling, 3G & 4G LTE internet connectivity, social networking, wireless data streaming, artificial intelligence, and Bluetooth navigation. There is also a huge variety of smart mobile phones ranging from cheap smartphones to very expensive latest smartphones with advanced cameras and artificial intelligence. Below are some of the major components in smartphones and their benefits:



Smartphones have more advanced cameras as compared to basic mobile phones. Nowadays latest smartphones have at least 2 rear cameras providing resolution usually ranging between 5 MBP to 24 MBP. In addition, most new smartphones have a front camera to take selfies. The best smartphones also have artificial intelligence and fast shutter speed which could be useful in low-light or moving conditions.



Smartphones have bigger and advanced displays as compared to basic phones. LCD and LED displays are most common currently. New upcoming smartphones have OLED or AMOLED displays. These phones don’t need a backlight and are lighter, slimmer and more flexible. They also are brighter, consume less power and provide wider views.



Smartphones have fast processors that read and implement instructions. The latest smartphones also have multi-core processors that can split the work to provide faster processing. Qualcomm Snapdragon processors are good at multi-tasking and produce less heat. Many iPhones use Apple chipsets that integrate various components in a single package to provide better efficiency and compact size.



RAM (or Random-access memory) provides temporary memory that helps in multi-tasking. New smartphones have more RAM and better memory management which allow running multiple apps simultaneously.



Smartphones generally have storage capacities ranging from 32 GB to 512 GB. In addition, there is an option to expand storage by using devices such as external MicroSD cards. This could be helpful in storing large files such as pictures and videos.



New smartphones generally different types of sensors like Proximity sensors, Ambient light sensor, Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Gyroscopic sensor, Barometer, Moisture sensor, Fingerprint/Face recognition sensor.



Smartphones have powerful batteries and various optimization tools so that the battery lasts longer. Newer smartphones have various features like lightning charge or wireless charging for battery.



Most smartphones have advanced speakers as well as a port for earphones/ headphones.


Latest Mobiles


Some of the latest smartphones to buy at Croma are Samsung smartphone, Nokia smartphone, Oppo smartphone, Motorola smartphone, Micromax smartphone, Oneplus smartphone, iPhones, etc. Our smartphone prices are quite competitive.


Buy best smartphones at Croma store


You can visit the nearest Croma store and obtain hands-on experience of smartphones before placing your order. We accept cash, credit/debit cards, gift cards and also offer attractive EMI options. We offer free delivery for most items. You can also ask our staff to explain to you about extended warranties for items bought at Croma. We have a dedicated 24/7 customer service to ensure your satisfaction. Croma has the best collection of upcoming smartphones.


Buy smartphone online


You can also buy smartphones online by visiting croma.com. It is your one-stop destination that enlists an extensive range of best smartphones to buy at very affordable prices. Croma has some of the best Android smartphones and iPhones. We offer quick delivery and also have the option of cash on delivery for items purchased online. We deliver items throughout India for orders placed online. We ensure a reliable and secure online transaction mode so that you do not fall victim to any means of online fraud while buying your preferred smartphone.