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DSLR Camera

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The Evolution of Digital Cameras

Cameras have seen a lot of refinement and progress in technology over the past two decades. We are no longer limited to film-based cameras which required a roll to store photos. Nowadays, almost all cameras have shifted to a digital storage. Cameras fall under three categories - point shoot cameras, Professional or Advanced Cameras and DSLR cameras. While point and shoot cameras offer a simple one click operation. They are usually suited for people who want a basic photography device. Digital SLR cameras are far more superior to any point shoot camera.

Features of a DSLR Camera

Digital SLR cameras features sophisticated technology which gives you complete control over your photos. You can change the shutter speed, ISO, exposure and many more settings in a DSLR camera. This allows you to get the exact picture that you are looking for. These fine-tuned controls give you an unmatched flexibility that point shoot cameras simply cannot match. A lot of people argue that their latest Smartphone cameras are as good as a DSLR camera. But, the capabilities of a mobile phone camera are severely limited to the size of the lens. DSLR cameras feature huge lens and sensor sizes which allow them to do a lot more than a tiny Smartphone camera.

Types of Lenses in a DSLR Camera

Flexibility and control are the fundamental advantages of DSLR cameras that places them a class above the rest of the cameras. They offer interchangeable lenses which gives you a wide variety of options when clicking photos. A macro lens can be used to click extremely detailed close-up shots, ideally suited for small objects. A wide angle lens allows you to capture photos with more width, making them perfect for landscape shots. A telescopic lens gives you extreme zooming capabilities for subjects that are far away and out of reach.

DSLR Cameras offer Excellent Connectivity Features

DSLR cameras offer plenty of connectivity options. You can use a USB cable to directly connect it to a PC. There are models available which feature built-in Wi-Fi for data transfer and sync, built-in Bluetooth which allows you to click photos using a wireless remote and also a built-in timer which gives you enough time to pose for the photo.

Buy DSLR cameras from Top Manufacturers like Sony, Nikon and Canon

There are 3 major DSLR camera makers in the market. DSLR cameras from Sony, Nikon and Canon are some of the best-selling cameras as they offer a wide feature set with heavy-duty reliability. Most of the accessories of these cameras including lenses are interchangeable and compatible.

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