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  • Cleaning Kit, Ideal For: Laptop Desktop
  • Lifestyle: Everyday Use
  • Alcohol Free
  • Cleans Away Germs, Dirt,Dust & Fingerprints
  • 3 Months Warranty
  • Computer Accessories Category

    • Product Type

    • Cleaning Kit
    • Ideal For

    • Laptop | Desktop
    • Lifestyle

    • Everyday Use
  • Manufacturer Details

    • Brand

    • Portronics
    • Model Series

    • POR 758
    • Model Number

    • POR 758

We are surrounded by smart devices- from smartphones to computers, we are constantly using one or the other. Our addiction is such that we don’t even care to clean our hand before using the touch-sensitive device. We always desire a shiny surface for clarity and brightness but lose it by our own carelessness. More often than not, the stains and grease are so powerful that they cannot be removed by using a normal piece of cloth. It is time you bring home Portronics POR 758 Swipe Screen Cleaner and get back the glossy look to your smart devices making it one of the best swipe screen cleaner.

Safe To Use For Screens And Keyboards
This orange Portronics Swipe Screen Cleaner comes with Oleophobic coating protection that removes excess oil from the surface and also repels any further grease amassing. Therefore, you can clean the grease from your fingerprint sensor to enable you to finally use your finger for unlocking. The Portronics POR 758 Swipe Screen Cleaner is safe for your touch-sensitive phone screen as well as your keyboard which must have accumulated layers of dust over the years.

Small and Portable with No Harmful Chemicals
The small attractive packaging of the Portronics POR 758 Swipe Screen Cleaner easily fits in any size of bag you are carrying. You can, therefore, clean your phone in the bus or metro or in your office, in fact, literally, anywhere and anytime you feel like it needs a clean-up. In addition to its affordability and portability, it is also extremely safe for your health and the environment. Buy this swipe cleaner online as contains no amount of Ammonia or Alcohol and therefore is harmless in any situation.