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PS3 Assasins Creed Platinum

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  • Plan attacks and strike with no remorse
  • Environment and fight to your goal
  • Real to life and interactive environments

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PS3 Assasins Creed Platinum

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Description for PS3 Assasins Creed Platinum

Set in 1191 AD, the third holy war is all set to run havoc in the Holy Lands. You as Altair have to stop the warring sides in their bloody conflict. Action has been complemented with brilliant game design, life like emotions and breath taking themes that all together create an environment that demands your rapt attention. Showcase your master skills, employ tactics and engage in realistic sword fights as you fight your way to survive with a wide range of medieval weapons. The fluid but sharp combat mechanics with intriguing story line and breathtaking action gameplay, ensures that you enjoy an unforgettable action adventure.

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