Buy Redgear MP35 Gaming Mouse Pad (Soft Non-Slip Base, 8904130838132, Black) Online - Croma
  • Mouse Pad
  • Ideal For: Laptop | Desktop
  • Sensor Responsive Coating
  • Soft Non-Slip Base
  • Dimensions: 35.00 x 25.00 x 0.40 cms
  • 12 Months Warranty
  • Computer Accessories Category

    • Product Type

    • Mouse Pad
    • Ideal For

    • Desktop | Laptop
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    • Everyday Use | Gaming | Home
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    • Kit
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Why buy Redgear Control Type Gaming Mouse Pad 


  • Control-Type Surface for professional gamers
  • Fit For any gaming mouses
  • Reliable In-Game Controls makes it efficient to use
  • Sensor Reactive Coating reflects more light back to the mouse sensor
  • Textured Surface makes all actions more precise


Avail cool functions by getting the Redgear Control Type Gaming Mouse Pad. The mouse pad allows any mouse to move without any hindrance. It comes with a sensor reactive coating that reflects more light back to the mouse sensor which results in accurate actions while gaming. The mouse pad is very reliable with its superb in-game control of sensitivity and maximum precision. The Redgear Control Type Gaming Mouse Pad features a great design with a textured surface, which creates a sensation of resistance to your mouse movements for the best in-game control.


Loaded with such fabulous built quality, the Redgear Control Type Gaming Mouse Pad’s price is more than fair. The mouse pad perfectly fits all the gaming mice making it very efficient and best for any scenario. It is a control-type mouse pad that is designed with the use of great technology and craftsmanship, especially for professional gamers. It comes with a non-slip base allowing for better gripping when functioning a mouse. It prevents the mouse mat from slipping when in use. Don’t wait anymore! Order the Redgear Control Type Gaming Mouse Pad online, right now!