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  • Mouse Pad
  • Ideal For: Laptop | Desktop
  • Sensor Reactive Coating
  • Non-Slip Base
  • Dimensions: 80.00 x 30.00 x 0.30 cms
  • 12 Months Warranty
  • Computer Accessories Category

    • Product Type

    • Mouse Pad
    • Ideal For

    • Desktop | Laptop
    • Lifestyle

    • Gaming
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    • Grip
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Why buy Redgear MP80 Gaming Mouse Pad


  • Sensor Reactive Coating reflects more light tails onto the mouse sensor
  • Non-Slip Base for comfortable gaming
  • Fit For all gaming mouse
  • Great Design with textured surface
  • Reliable In-Game Control with maximum precision


Get amazing benefits by getting the Redgear MP80 Gaming Mouse Pad. It is a control-type large mouse pad that is built with immaculate craftsmanship that ensures maximum gaming precision. The control surface works on all gaming mice and sensor settings. Fine design with textured surface creates a sensation of resistance to your mouse movements and suits perfectly with gamers who crave precise control. It has a sensor reactive coating that reflects more light tails onto the mouse sensor. The Redgear MP80 Gaming Mouse Pad features a non-slip base which makes it completely unmovable. Use it anywhere and on any surface, the mouse pad remains sturdy and in place.


Coming with so many cool features, the Redgear MP80 Gaming Mouse Pad’s price is quite reasonable. The side coating of the mouse mat is stitched, very soft, and durable which is designed to ensure maximum comfort for your wrist and hand during long gaming hours. It has a great design and textured surface, making it look stylish. On this mousepad, the mouse moves smoothly without any hindrance. It is greatly reliable in any gaming situation. It suits gamers who need absolute precision to hit the target exactly where they need to! So hurry up, order the Redgear MP80 Gaming Mouse Pad online, now!