Buy Samsung 1 Ton 5 Star Split AC (AR12JC5JAMVNNA, Aluminium Condenser, White) Online – Croma
  • 1 Ton Split Air Conditioner
  • 3650 Watt of Cooling Capacity
  • 5 Star Rating
  • High: 40 / Low: 30 dB of Indoor Noise Level
  • Air Conditioner Category

    • Air Conditioner Type

    • Split
    • Air Conditioner Capacity

    • 1 Ton
    • Approximate Coverage Area(Sq.Ft)

    • 120 Sq. Ft.
    • Approximate Coverage Area(Sq.M)

    • 11 Sq.m
    • Installation Type

    • Wall Mount
  • Manufacturer Details

    • Model Series

    • Model Number



Bring home the Samsung 1 ton Max AR12JC5JAMV split air conditioner and keep your home fresh and cool. It flaunts a stylish design in classic white, which can complement your living room or bedroom decor. Integrated with Triple protection technology, it can offer long term cooling while ensuring enhanced durability. This technology comes with an Engine protector for powerful cooling operation, a controller protector to prevent voltage fluctuations and a Fin Protector to protect this AC from corrosion and other external damage. Ensuring that your room is fresh and dust-free is the the advanced full High Density filter of this Samsung split air conditioner. Designed to trap up to 80 percent of the tiniest dust particles and other contaminats present in a room, it enables you to breathe clean, unpolluted air. Further cleansing the room is the anti-bacteria coating on this filter. With this coating, it can keep most harmful bacteria and viruses at bay. You can easily clean this filter with running water so that dirt and dust does not accumulate on it. As an air conditioner operates frequently during summers, it is likely to produce mold inside its unit, due to the varying inside and outside temperatures, leading to the spread germs. With auto clean function, this AC's fan continues operating even after you've switched it off, to remove moisture within and prevent formation of bacteria.


You can easily operate this white Samsung split air conditioner as it comes with various utility features. Its beep on/off feature lets you know if the device is switched on or not, while its 24 hours timer lets you enjoy uninterrupted cooling without having to keep a constant check on its operations. In case of power failure, you need not manually switch on the AC as its auto restart feature can automatically resume the cooling process. Built-in rotary compressor can offer fast and efficient cooling. You can manually control the direction of air movement from left to right and automatically control it from up to down. The air flow step control comprises four speed settings to adjust the speed of air circulation in the room. With natural breeze option, you can simply relax and enjoy the natural environment if the room temperature is not too high. This cooling device comes with a 5 Star rating, which makes it highly energy efficient. Equipped with Multijet Plus technology, its condensers can cool up to 30 percent faster and save up to 20 percent more energy. When you get home this 5 Star Samsung split air conditioner, be sure to check its functioning with its smart installation feature. With just the press of a button, it can perform an auto check and revert in case of any probable defect. Ensuring reliable and long-lasting performance, this AC comes with five years warranty on its Multi-Jet Plus condensers.

Enjoy Optimum Cooling for Long Durations

This Samsung 1 ton split air conditioner is designed to offer efficient cooling. With options of fast cool, good sleep, dehumidification and fan modes, it can be ideal for the hot summer season. To convert an uncomfortably hot environment into a cool and relaxing one, you can switch to the fast cool mode. Built-in Turbo Cooling technology of this AC speeds up the cooling process to reach the preset temperature in no time. Good sleep mode can be most suitable during the night, as it includes an accurate temperature control system and automatic moisture adjustment feature, which can smartly control and maintain the interior temperature at a certain level while adjusting the moisture level to create a comfortable and cosy sleeping environment. An added benefit is that this mode is also up to 36 percent more energy efficient than the normal cooling mode. Dehumidification mode can efficiently remove excess moisture from your room, so that you receive cool and fresh air. If you want to enjoy the existing temperature, simply switch to fan mode of this energy efficient Samsung split air conditioner, which can help maintain the room temperature while gently dissipating the heat in the area.


Providing impressive and long term cooling, along with pure, clean air, this best Samsung split air conditioner can make an ideal buy for most households.