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  • 2 Ton Triangle Inverter Split Air Conditioner
  • 6000 Watts of Cooling Capacity
  • High: 44 / Low: 30 dB of Indoor Noise Level
  • Cools Faster, Farther, and Wider
  • Air Conditioner Category

    • Air Conditioner Type

    • Split
    • Air Conditioner Capacity

    • 2 Ton
    • Approximate Coverage Area(Sq.Ft)

    • 240 Sq. Ft.
    • Approximate Coverage Area(Sq.M)

    • 22 Sq.m
    • Installation Type

    • Wall Mount
  • Manufacturer Details

    • Model Series

    • Model Number



Beat the summer heat and humidity with the Samsung 2 ton AR24JV5NBWKNNA triangle inverter split air conditioner. Featuring a sleek design with a classic white finish, it can blend well with the interiors of your room. It is designed with various features to provide cool, clean and fresh air at all times. Integrated with an HD Easy Filter and Virus Doctor, it operates in two steps to eliminate bacteria, dust and dirt from the air. Its Easy Filter captures and removes all micro-contaminants and microorganisms from the room in the first step, while in the second step, the Virus Doctor eliminates harmful airborne diseases like H1N1, SARS or Influenza to provide optimum protection and clean, healthy air. The built-in allergen and bacteria filter protects people suffering any allergies or asthma problems by purifying the air from contaminants like pollen and dust by using a vacuum-like mechanism. The Auto-clean feature of this air conditioner with easy filter gets rid of pollutants and dirt stuck in its filter. For your convenience, you can easily remove the smartly-placed filters, clean them and simply put them back in place.


Experience efficient cooling like never before with this Samsung split air conditioner. Featuring a unique triangular design, the air ducts have a wide inlet to draw more air in and out. Additional V-shaped blades, larger fans and wider width angles of the ducts produce powerful gusts of air into every corner of the room. Power it on and it automatically switches to the Fast Cool mode to quickly cool your room. Once the room is chill, it switches to Comfort mode so that the cold doesn't cause any discomfort and you won't have to adjust temperature settings or power on/off the AC. With a capacity of 2 ton and a cooling capacity of 6 kW, you can be sure of optimum performance by this triangle inverter split air conditioner. Choose between the five cooling levels and four fan levels and enjoy the cool, relaxing environment it creates in the room. The optimal single blade automatically moves up and down and you can manually select it to move left and right, depending on the position you are seated in the room. You won't be disturbed by any sounds produced by it as its noise levels range only between 44/30 dB indoors and 54 dB outdoors. For your convenience, it comes with a 24-hour timer, auto restart feature and a beep that sounds off when you switch on/off the AC. You get 10-year warranty on this AC's digital inverter compressor.

Energy-Efficient AC

Considerably cut down on electricity bills using this 2 ton split air conditioner. You don't need to get an additional, bulky stabiliser for it, as it comes with a built-in one. This protects your AC from sudden voltage spikes and surges, or any fluctuations in power which might occur in your area. Additionally, it saves space in your home as well. Apart from protecting it from voltage fluctuations, the inverter is coated with anti-corrosion materials that safeguard it from rust and corrosion. Integrated with a Digital Inverter with EER 10.1, it saves a lot of energy as once you set your desired temperature, you don't have to keep switching the device on and off. Stay chill and comfortable for long hours, all the while consuming minimal energy amounts. This energy efficient air conditioner comes with a Single User mode that you can use when you're sitting alone in a room. With this function, the AC consumes lesser energy and uses lesser compressor capacity, all the while offering you a relaxed room environment.


If you're looking for an AC that will keep you relaxed and cool throughout the summer season, then this is the best Samsung air conditioner for you. It offers efficient cooling, consumers low energy and comes with various protective features that keep the air clean for your convenience.