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Samsung 28 Litres CE1041DF-B Convection Microwave Oven (Black)

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  • Convection Microwave Oven
  • 52 Number of Preset Menus
  • 28 Litres Capacity
  • 1250 W Power Consumption

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Samsung 28 Litres CE1041DF-B Convection Microwave Oven (Black)


Samsung 28 Litres CE1041DF-B Convection Microwave Oven (Black) Item Details

  • Included Accessories Round Rack / Steam Cleaning Function / Crispy Tray / Spit / Rotisserie / Cook Book
Cooking Time
  • Maximum cooking time (minutes) 99
Electrical Features
  • Power consumption for microwave (watts) 1250
Cooking Functions
  • Multi-stage cooking Yes
Main Product Features
  • Programme panel Feather touch
  • Number of preset menus 52
Category Type
  • Type of Microwave Oven Convection
  • Model Number CE1041DF-B
  • Brand Samsung
Microwave Technical Features
  • Type of Wave 3D Shower Wave
Automatic Features
  • Auto Defrost Yes
  • Capacity 28 Litres
Functional Features
  • Cavity type Ceramic
  • Power output (watts) 900
Company Contact Information
  • Generic Name Microwave

Highlights of Samsung 28 Litres CE1041DF-B Convection Microwave Oven (Black)

Description for Samsung 28 Litres CE1041DF-B Convection Microwave Oven (Black)


Go beyond warming cooked food or defrosting frozen food with Samsung 28 Litres CE1041DFB Convection Oven - Black. This is a high performance oven from Samsung where you can actually cook, complete with all aspects of bake, steam, roast, boil and grill. To start with, you could try the 52 auto menus that come pre-programmed. Once you discover the utility of the unique Triple Convection heating system, you can start reducing time without compromising on taste or quality while preparing delicacies and elaborate dishes. This convection system combines three types of heaters to cook food from all sides, leaving it uniformly crispy without soggy or raw portions. The ceramic enamel body of the oven is scratch, rust and bacteria free. It doesn�t get scraped like aluminium or stainless steel, and stays odour free after a simple wipe. The Samsung CE1041DFB Convection Oven has a steam clean option, making it easy on maintenance. The oven comes to you along with some handy accessories, a Crispy Tray for baking pizza or pies, a Multi-Spit to make grilling perfect, a round rack to bake cakes or custards and a rotisserie to help you grill chicken or meat. To give you more ideas, Samsung actually packs in a cookbook with the microwave for free.


The Samsung 28 Litres CE1041DFB Convection Oven has a stylish black finish that makes it blend well with most kitchen d�cors. Beneath the shimmering black coating, this microwave is quite sturdy, with the inner part of the oven made of heat resistant ceramic. The microwave requires 1250 Watts to function. The convection temperature can be varied through 8 levels from 40 to 250 degree Celsius, and 6 power levels are available to manage the convection flows. The maximum time taken by this powerful oven to cook anything is 99 minutes. Quickly warm your cup of coffee or tea by simply putting it in and pressing the 30 sec option. Speed up the cooking with the Fast Preheat function. You can choose between multiple power levels for cooking, according to the degree of baking / roasting required. It�s easily controlled through a keypad setting. Keeping in mind family kitchens, this Samsung oven features a child lock. There is an End Signal Sound option available, to let you know when the cooking it done. You can pre-set the clock according to the type of food you are cooking. The body is non-sticky and Steam Clean makes it very easy to wipe off the grease, so maintenance is easy. Additionally, there is a deodorizer function to get rid of lingering smells.

Multiple Cooking Options

What with the round rack, rotisserie, multi-spit, and crispy tray, anybody would be tempted to cook, just to try out what can be done with these accessories. Moreover, the Samsung 28 Litres CE1041DFB Convection Oven has 52 Auto Cook menus programmed into it. A rotisserie is the sharp long grill on which you can skewer whole chicken or other meat, or a choice of cut marinated vegetables. The multi-spit takes the grill experience further by allowing you to try out various tandoor combinations right at home. The Crispy Tray makes for delightful baking. Whether it�s a pizza, an apple pie or a stuffed vegetarian delicacy, the dish would be baked to perfection, browned and crusty on all sides. Add to these multiple cooking options the convenience of the Triple Heating System. The ceramic heater gets to the inside of the food, so there are no soft or raw spots left. There is a quartz heater to turn the outside brown, melting or crusty. Meanwhile, a sheath heater wraps the convection current all around the food to make it cook faster. Samsung claims that this makes microwave cooking 23% faster than normal means of oven heating.


This Samsung convection microwave cooks food very evenly and is perfect for the modern urban home. It has a 28 Litre capacity for added storage and cooking.

Samsung 28 Litres CE1041DF-B Convection Microwave Oven (Black) Rate & Review