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  • Capacity: Jacket 3 + Pants 3 (jacket 5 + pant 2),Fully Automatic
  • Ideal Family Size: 4-6 Members
  • Jet Steam | HeatPump Drying | Dehumidification
  • Dimensions: 61.5 x 44.5 x 185cm
  • Jet Air + Air Hanger
  • 12 Months Warranty
  • Machine Category

    • Machine Type

    • Dryer
    • Load Orientation

    • Front Load
    • Operation Type

    • Fully Automatic
    • Ideal Family Size

    • 4-6 Members
    • Installation Type

    • Floor Standing
  • Manufacturer Details

    • Model Series

    • AirDresser
    • Model Number

    • DF60R8600CG/TL

Why buy Samsung AirDresser 6 kg Fully Automatic Front Load Dryer


  • Jacket 3 + Pants 3 Capacity lets you dry maximum clothes at once
  • Jet Steam to sanitize and refresh your clothes
  • Deodorizing Filter to remove odour
  • Heat Pump Drying reduce damage and shrinkage
  • Dehumidificationremoves moisture from the air


Fed up of damp clothes with odours and taking hours to dry? Then the Samsung AirDresser 6 kg Fully Automatic Front Load Dryer is an ideal home appliance for any season to keep three jackets and three pairs of pants (five jackets and two pairs of pants) clean, fresh, hygienic, and ready to wear. This appliance uses jet steam steam to remove dust, pollutants and germs, and refreshes and sanitized clothes with an aim to provide easy and convenient garment care. This technology eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, 99% of gases that cause odor, 99% of house mites, and up to 99% of other substances. This is a more efficient way of refreshing, revitalizing, deodorising and relaxing light wrinkles from clothes and saves on those frequent laundry runs or trips to the dry cleaner. The wrinkle care technology in Samsung AirDresser 6 kg Fully Automatic Front Load Dryer removes up to 100% of wrinkles even from woolen clothes, and about 80% wrinkles from rayon-made clothes.

The Jet Air and Air Hangers release powerful air to loosen and remove engrained dust, but with minimal noise and vibration. Then the HeatPump dries clothes at low temperatures to reduce risk of damage and shrinkage. Finally, you have the Deodorizing Filter that captures and reduces odor particles caused by sweat, tobacco and food and prevents them from building-up inside the unit to create lingering unpleasant smells. The Air Dresser comes with AI-powered capabilities that SmartThings that remotely identifies problems and provides a troubleshooting service and My Closet that stores details of your clothes and suggests the best courses for them. The dehumidification feature keeps your room dry without an additional dehumidifier, how convenient is that? Also, once this is all done, the Self-Clean technology dehumidifies, sanitises and deodorizes the interior of your smart Air Dresser to make sure your clothes stay refreshed. It even notifies users whenever the unit needs cleaning, which is after every 40 cycles. The hinge ensures that the door closes smoothly and quietly, without any damage. So what are you waiting for? Get this amazing Samsung AirDresser 6 kg Fully Automatic Front Load Dryer from online at the earliest.