Sennheiser HD 2.30i Headphones (White) - Price, Specifications & Features
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Omni-directional pick-up pattern
  • In-line mic with 3-button remote
  • Product Category

    • Device Type

    • Headphone
    • Device Orientation

    • On-Ear
    • Lifestyle

    • Entertainment | Travel
  • Manufacturer Details

    • Brand

    • Sennheiser
    • Model Series

    • HD 2.30i
    • Model Number

    • HD 2.30i

Dedicated to music lovers, this pair of Sennheiser White HD2.30i headphones is a must buy for all music enthusiasts. The closed back on-ear design offers a great way to cut away the disturbances that are caused by the effect of external sounds. The effective noise cancellation drags the complete focus on the sound of music along with the bass. These headphones are built exclusively for listening to music and give immense attention to the hardware in order to optimise the sound output with good sound clarity and an excellent bass effect. Besides, it has a unique design featuring a white shade with golden highlights over the logo and the brand name which acts as a real treat for your eyes. This pair of Sennheiser headphones is made for travelling as the pressure-free headband is foldable and hence can be easily collapsed and carried along when not in use. You can play or pause a track, or skip to the next one, with the dedicated in-line microphone with remote. It also promotes hands-free calling.

Superior Quality Design

This pair of Sennheiser White HD2.30i headphones with the inbuilt microphone is one of the top quality headphones available in the market with an on-ear design. It acts as a complete muffler that skilfully cuts away all the sound from outside giving you a superior listening experience, anytime and anywhere. These closed supra-aural headphones blast out high-quality pure sound magic and still do not cast any feeling of discomfort on the soft ear tissues, thanks to the padded ear cuffs. Optimised to be the best, this pair of powerful headphones is one to look out for. The 3-button smart remote helps you to shuffle music and control volume with ease. The in-line microphone over the detachable cable provides you with the luxury of hands-free calling. It has a classy feel and the credit goes to the all-white texture of the headphone. The golden highlights add a bit of sophistication to the user�s personality and style. Made from good quality material, the ultra-modern headphone packs a punch of accurate beats with a dynamic style.

Excellent Sound Output

The 22 Ohm transducers deliver exceptional sound quality with crisp highs, full lows, and clear mid-ranges. The 1.4m long wire gives the user free momentum and allows easy accessibility to any music player. These tangle-free wired headphones have a frequency range of 18 � 22,000Hz and a Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) of less than 0.5%. Whether you are the owner of an Android or an Apple device, you are bound to appreciate the excellent sound quality and convenience of the HD2.30i. Apart from this, it is also compatible with the latest phones and mp3 players. The Sound Pressure Level (SPL) of 115dB (1kHz / 1Vrms) results is an incredible musical experience.

So get a first-hand experience of incredible sounding audio and rich bass without a bulky look with this pair of Sennheiser White HD2.30i headphones.