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  • USB 3.0 Interface For Speedy Transfers
  • Backup Manager For Intelligent File Management
  • Password Protection Manager
  • 256 GB Capacity
  • Pocket Friendly Design
  • Manufacturer Details

  • Features

    • Interface

    • USB 3.0
    • OS Compatible

    • Windows

Enjoy the luxury of amazing storage and backup of all your data with the brilliant Sony External Solid State Drive that comes with an amazing 256 GB storage capacity that allows you to store a huge volume of data so that you never have to compromise and delete certain things to accommodate newer data. The SSD boasts of intelligent file management feature for a safe storage and backup option while the password protection gives your data security if you lose the SSD or someone tries to misuse it. All these amazing capabilities of the SSD are backed by a durable, ergonomic and stylish design to give you an amazing storage and backup option.

Efficient Performance

Work in the new world requires a huge amount of data and it is important not to lose data for a considerable amount of time. The Sony External Solid State Drive gives you the option of ample storage so that you do not have to delete previous data to accommodate new ones .The 256 GB storage capacity ensures you can store a huge volume of data so that you always have an archive of all your favourite movies, videos and songs. The SSD comes with an intelligent file management which recognises files that have been recently changed or added and only transfers these over which helps in saving you valuable time during the backup process. You can also back up huge volumes of data at high speeds as the SSD comes with USB 3.0, which enables ultra-high-speed data transfer rate up to 450 MB/s in reading mode.

Security And Design

You can be sure of all your data getting backed up easily as the Sony External Solid State Drive comes with an amazing storage capacity. The storage of your data is made secure as the password protection ensures your data is not misused and makes you a victim of theft. The solid body ensures there is no mechanical breakdown of the device while the stylish and ergonomic design fits right into your pocket making portability easy.