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  • 1440 Watts RMS (15840 Watts PMPO)
  • Karaoke Function and Football Mode
  • NFC One Touch Listening
  • Song Pal Application for Intuitive Control
  • Audio Category

    • Device Type

    • Party Speaker
    • Connectivity/Inputs

    • USB | Bluetooth
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Take your parties to the next level with the Sony MHC-V6D Mini Hi-Fi System that is equipped with the innovative features like sound pressure horn, 1,440 Watt RMS power, song pal app, karaoke function, football mode, party chain mode, NFC one touch listening, DJ control/effects and 50 LED patterns that delivers incredible power and sound quality and makes your party even more enjoyable.

Superior Technology and Performance

The Sony MHC-V6D Mini Hi-Fi System features sound pressure horn technology that increases the acoustic pressure of the bass you hear, so it actually sounds and feels deeper and stronger. Sound pressure is increased by using enclosures that create a long narrow sound path within the speaker cabinet. At its loudest, the Sony MHC-V6D increases sound pressure almost double that of conventional speakers. Even at low amplitude levels, the Sound Pressure Horn technology allows clear and full bass. Keep things jumping by wirelessly streaming songs using NFC and Bluetooth, or connect to your smartphone with SongPal. This SongPal enhances music visually with your smartphone display. You can choose music/audio contents from integrated functions of various device and smartphone and control various settings intuitively. You can even access streaming services such as Music Unlimited, Pandora, Deezer and Tunein Radio on your smartphone and play them through the mini Hi-Fi system. The Party Chain mode enables multiple connectivity to enhance powerful sound and party like atmosphere and it helps connect your sound bar with a normal auxiliary cable to enable multiple sound outputs. The NFC one-touch listening allows you to easily pair and connect any NFC-enabled smartphone or tablet with a simple touch eliminating the complex pairing process. Once paired, NFC makes connect or disconnect a breeze. You can also stream music wirelessly from iPhones and iPads as well as Android smartphones and tablets that are not NFC equipped via Bluetooth by pairing using the traditional Bluetooth pairing method. It also includes a choice of isolator, flanger, pan and wah effects. Users can also create music through mixing different kinds of notes with DJ effects. The LED speakers come with brilliant built-in 10 multi coloured LED lights to create a disco like ambience. Remove vocals from most recordings, or isolate and extract vocal tracks from songs for remixing with Vocal Cancel feature. It also has echo control and scoring mode that further enhances your karaoke sessions.


The Sony MHC-V6D Mini Hi-Fi System keeps your party moving with its advanced features that delivers robust sound with enhanced audio.