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  • Heart rate monitor
  • Activity tracker
  • Water and dust proof
  • Silent notifications
  • Manufacturer Details

  • Network Connectivity

    • WiFi Supported

    • No
    • Bluetooth Supported

    • Yes
    • Bluetooth Specifications

    • Bluetooth v4.0

Overall Tracking

Get a complete record of your heart rate, activities, sleep, and other stats with the advanced Sony SmartBand 2. It measures your pulse and the level of stress for indicating whether you should continue with your workout or not. With constant tracking, you can identify the activity which is most beneficial for you and workout accordingly.

Track the level of activity you do every day; be it walking, running, or even when you're rushing between meetings. The SmartBand measures them all. Moreover, it also allows you to monitor the quality and quantity of your daily sleep for better health management.

Detailed Logging

You can access your activity data from the past week, month, year, or beyond with the Lifelog application supported by your Sony SmartBand 2. The timeline provided by the application will be displayed alongside your other Lifelog entries such as event, photos and music.

You can even determine how different activities such as a holiday or listening to your favourite track affects your pulse, and stress level. This offers a much enhanced control over balancing your life.

Smart Reminders

Does your phone beep at the wrong time, causing awkward moments? No more. With the Sony SmartBand, you will receive your notifications by the means of a gentle vibrating alert or by a multicoloured LED light.

Fashion Accessory

This SmartBand is made from smooth silicone to provide the most comfortable wear. You can wear this band for any occasion. It also features interchangeable coloured straps that can be used to complement your outfit.