Buy SunKing Home 250 (81 cm) (32 Inch) HD Flat Panel Standard (Solar Powered Control Unit with Tubelight, SK-433, Black) Online – Croma

Key Features

  • 81 cm (32"), HD TV
  • Standard
  • Stereo Speakers
  • 1 x USB | 1 x HDMI
  • Ideal Viewing Distance: 6-8ft
  • 12 Months Warranty


  • Television Category

    • Television Type

    • Flat Panel
    • Television Format

    • HD
    • Television Features

    • Standard
    • Ideal Viewing Distance

    • 6 - 8 Ft
  • Manufacturer Details

    • Brand

    • SunKing
    • Model Series

    • Home 250
    • Model Number

    • SK-433

Why buy SunKing Home 250 (81 cm) (32 Inch) HD Ready Flat Panel Standard


  • Built-in, free-to-air digital TV tuner makes it an obvious choice for consumers and distributors alike
  • CI slot allows decryption of pay TV channels
  • Capable of playing content from USB flash disk or HDMI input
  • Detachable solar panel with a repairable junction box, and a cable
  • Aluminium-Framed, industrial-grade glass protected solar panel is far more durable than alternatives based on polycarbonate or epoxy encapsulation
  • Tube Light made available with brackets for easy mounting on ceilings or wall
  • LED charging meter displays charging power from 1 to 5 to help place the solar panel properly


Stream endless shows and movies without hitting pause with our all-new solar-powered SunKing Home 250 (81 cm) (32 Inch) HD Ready Flat Panel Standard that runs on both grid electricity and solar power. Featuring the latest 32 inches LED TV with remote control and connection box, along with a host of other electronics- a solar-powered control unit, a battery, chargeable tube light, connection cables, a 20W solar panel, switch unit, adapter, and an STB Junction box to power the TV. Our best-in-class domestic solar plates, which can be easily assembled anywhere, and recharged at a fast pace for an uninterrupted TV viewing experience. The indicators on the battery of the SunKing Home 250 (81 cm) (32 Inch) HD Ready Flat Panel Standard show the charge level of the battery unit and the solar charge from the plates to know how long it can power the TV and other electronic devices. Plug in the tube light to the battery unit, and charge the mobile phone from the USB port alongside. Our tube light is 40x brighter than a candle and comes with brackets for easy mounting on ceilings or the wall. It’s also drop-proof and water-resistant and comes in three different lighting modes.


Whether it’s screen time with family, a night with friends, or a movie date, set the atmosphere you want without breaking the bank. The SunKing Home 250 (81 cm) (32 Inch) HD Ready Flat Panel Standard runs for 7 hours uninterrupted on solar power, tube light for 24 hours, and the TV and tube together for 5 hours. What’s even better is that you can plug in the normal set-top box to watch your daily programs as usual. Our LED TV home set provides a junction box to connect the STB of your choice for uninterrupted TV time with family. Our LED TV pack comes with ultra-portable devices and ensures a regular power supply with an easy-to-install and direct connection. Reduce your cost of living while being kind to the environment. Buy the Sun King Solar Power LED TV home set, which provides endless fun without denting your wallet!