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AC Wet Service

Air Conditioner has become the one of the most important appliances in the current scenario. Summers in India can become intolerable without this appliance in urban areas and therefore, a lot of companies are constantly working on the units to take cooling to the next level. So, that, your summers can be comfortable and cool.

With the same notion, we bring you the AC wet service to keep you cool every year. The wet service includes complete AC health check-up, i.e., grill temperature, gas pressure, current, refrigerant level and condenser. Further, Jet Spray, AC Cleaning Service, Indoor Unit Cleaning & Outdoor unit cleaning is involved as a part of cleaning & maintenance. Alongside this, you will be provided with Brand Authorised Spare, if required (5% discount applicable on all spares).


Purchase Window

AC Wet Service can be brought for any one AC (Window or Split) irrespective of brand and age.


Service Start Date

The AC Wet Service can be availed from the day of purchasing itself


Service Tenure

The AC Wet Service can be taken for only one AC for one time wet service within the period of one year from the date of purchase of the service



Dirty air filter: Cooling is usually impacted due to unclean air filters. With dust and dirt resulting in the filters being clogged. Clogged filters could interfere with the proper working of the thermostat. Dirt in the AC filter blocks the passage of cool and warm air inside the ducts. It could also make the evaporator coil freeze, thus blocking the passage of cool air from the outlet.

Dirty outside unit: Reason why an unclean outside unit hampers the working of your AC, it is important you understand how air conditioning works.

  1. The evaporator (inside unit) - absorbs heat from air around you and transfers it to the outside air conditioning unit.
  2. Condenser (outside unit) - then condenses the hot air into cool air.

A clogged condenser will not allow a proper cooling of the air conditioning system. Debris and dirt will block even heat transfer.

Faulty motors: If the motor of the fan is either broken or faulty, the outdoor unit will be unable to dissipate heat, thus interfering with the cooling ability of an air conditioning unit

Low Refrigerant levels: A refrigerant is an important fluid that absorbs heat from the surrounding air, the absence or insufficiency of which might lead to your AC not cooling. If your air conditioning system is not cooling, it might be because the refrigerant is getting leaked. Get your air conditioning service done at regular intervals to ward off this problem

Damaged Compressor: A compressor is a vital component of an air conditioning unit, as it manages the flow of refrigerant between the evaporator and condenser. Therefore, a damaged condenser cannot cool air well enough.



Transportation: If need be, the transportation cost of AC unit will be borne by customer

Remote: The cost of faulty remote or a new remote will be borne by customer

Spares cost: The cost of spares will be borne by customers, if required. (5% discount on genuine spare part is available)


Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I get my AC serviced?

Usually, it is recommended to get your AC serviced at the beginning of the summer season. 


What is the optimum time duration to clean the AC filters? Does wet service includes cleaning of filters?

The cleaning of AC filters completely depends on the pollution level of the city you stay in. Higher the pollution level smaller the duration. Yes, wet service includes cleaning of AC filter.


How do I predict whether the AC need a service?

There are a certain sighs which helps you predict that your AC needs repair. The signs could be, bad odour, loud noise coming out of AC, water leakage, AC blowing hot air or cooling very slow. If you face any of these problems, it’s time for AC servicing.


How long does it take for the AC servicing?

The usual time for AC wet serving is 30 minutes. But, if there are other services involved, then the duration of the service requirement might differ.


Do you provide AMC for AC?

No, this is only one time wet service which will be provided for one air conditioner in a residential area.


What should be done to make sure that the AC runs efficiently?

The servicing of AC every year is mandatory to make your AC run efficiently. This not only helps in providing the appropriate cooling but also saves electricity bill.


Will the servicing for window AC be covered?

Yes, the wet service will be for both window and split AC.



  1. Better air quality
  2. Reduce AC repair
  3. Fewer insects and parasites
  4. Improved cooling efficiency
  5. Less electricity bill


Claim Process

For claiming the service, the customer needs to follow the below steps:

  1. Customer needs to call Zopper on 72-72-858-858 or Croma call centre on 7207-666-000. You can also mail Croma at and inform about the malfunction
  2. Customer can also report the same through Zopper app or website
  3. Zopper would organise for a visit by a service engineer from the closest available Brand Authorised Centre
  4. The service engineer shall be carrying out the necessary inspection tools for the service
  5. In case any spares are required to be replaced in the device, customer shall bear the cost for the same.