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A5s (4+64GB) Spring Delight offer-One Time Screen Replacement Offer


1. Provided by - OPPO Mobiles India Private Limited (“Company/OPPO”);


2. Benefits of Offer


  • This Offer covers One Time Screen Replacement only if the screen of the phone is accidentally damaged such as liquid leakage in touch screen and crack on the touch screen will be considered for the replacement.
  • This offer can be availed within 180 days from the date of activation of the Product.


3. Offer period, Place , Outlet Coverage


  • This offer is only valid on OPPO A5s (4+64) GB Variant.
  • Offer shall be valid from 14th February’2020 to 29th February’2020 both days inclusive (hereinafter referred to as “Offer period”).
  • Offer shall be valid across the territory of India.
  • This offer is available on the products purchased through our official offline stores and activated during the offer period.
  • OPPO reserves the right to extend or annul the offer period at its sole discretion.


4. Eligibility Criteria


  • This offer shall be applicable only on new devices (“Product”) activated during the offer period as intimated by the company.
  • This Offer of One Time Screen Replacement can be availed only if the screen of the phone is accidentally damaged such as liquid leakage in touch screen and crack on the touch screen will be considered for the replacement.
  • Offer shall be applicable only on new Product(s) activated during the offer period.
  • Any bulk sale to corporate(s), firm(s) or any other institute or individual shall not be eligible for this Offer.


5. Redemption of One Time Screen Replacement Offer


  • Every customer who has activated the Product during the offer period shall be eligible to avail one time screen replacement offer by paying just 5% amount of the replaced spare parts+ Taxes as per the actual part value under GST implications+ service charges including taxes , this offer can be availed within 180 days from the date of activation.
  • In the event of any damage as captioned above, the user is required to submit (Not later than 48 hours from the time of damage) the device to OPPO Authorized service center and make sure that digital Repair/ Receiving sheet is generated failing which no claims shall be entertained by the Company.
  • All original items replaced in the performance of services shall become the property of OPPO and the new or replacement parts will become the property of the Customer.
  • This offer can be availed one time ONLY by visiting the authorized service center of OPPO.



6. The Plan will not cover:


  • Any loss under mysterious circumstances including lost or stolen.
  • Loss due to Intentional act or willful neglect.
  • Loss arising before/after Coverage Period.
  • Any loss due to hire or loan of the Covered device to a third party or if ownership is transferred.
  • Loss arising due to unlawful act including Terrorist activity, War, Nuclear Explosion, Radioactive Contamination, Chemical, Biochemical, Biological, Electromagnetic, Cyber Attack.
  • Consequential loss of any kind or description including wear & tear, manufacturing defects.
  • If your device is Beyond Economic Repair -: It means that your device is not economical to repair. Following an incident where your device has been damaged, your device may be deemed beyond economic repair. This means the estimated cost of repairing your device exceeds the replacement or market value of device.
  • Loss covered by supplier, dealer or manufacturer’s limited warranty.
  • Any loss effecting to SIM card and any ancillary products even if equipment results into complete stoppage of working.
  • Damage caused by
    • a product/accessory that is not the Covered Equipment
    • Operating the Covered Equipment outside the permitted or intended uses described by OPPO.
    • Service (including upgrades and expansions) performed by anyone who is not an Authorized Service Provider (ASP) of OPPO, or any failure/damage caused outside the Indian Territory.
  • Covered Equipment with a serial number that has been altered, defaced or removed, or has been modified to alter its functionality or capability without the written permission of OPPO.
  • Cosmetic damage to the Covered Equipment including but not limited to scratches.
  • Defects caused by normal wear and tear or otherwise due to normal aging of the product.
  • Issues that could be resolved by upgrading latest software version.
  • Third-party products or their effects on or interactions with the Covered Equipment or the software.
  • Your use of a computer or operating system that is unrelated to consumer software or connectivity issues with the Covered Equipment.
  • Damage to or loss of any software or data residing or recorded on the Covered Equipment.
  • Recovery and reinstallation of software programs and user data are not covered under this Plan.
  • Any loss or damage to accessories and panels even if forming part of the standard pack or to any complimentary or ancillary product/s made available under any promotional scheme.
  • Before availing the Offer, customer will be required to handover a copy of the invoice.


7. How to get service?


  • To get service please walk in to the closest OPPO Authorized Service centers.
  • To know the details of the nearby service center please call on 1800-103-2777 or check it on our official website-: and you can also connect us through
    Facebook- OPPO Care India, Twitter- @OPPOCareIN.