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  1. Samsung India Electronics Pvt. Ltd. introduces a pre-book offer (“Pre-book Offer”) on Galaxy S20 or S20+ or S20 Ultra (“Device”) and you will be eligible to purchase at customer discretion Galaxy Buds+ at ₹2,999.00 (For Galaxy S20) or ₹1,999.00 (For Galaxy S20+ or S20 Ultra).
  2. The pre-book offer shall be available from 15th February to 6th March 2020.
  3. Only one Device can be pre-booked against one mobile number. For activating the Device, the Customer has to use the same mobile number with which the pre-booking was done. All customers should have registered with the same mobile number for a minimum period of 03 (three) days from the date of inserting the SIM in first SIM slot for the first time.


  1. Pre –booking Device on 
  • You will have to make a full payment of the amount as declared on the website during the pre-book period.
  • The price of the Device as listed on the Online Outlets shall be inclusive of all taxes.
  • While pre-booking you will have to fill in the required details as mentioned on the respective portals such as your name, mobile number , email id, model number and color of the Device, without which your booking will be incomplete.
  • While pre-booking the Device via Samsung Shop, your primary shipping mobile number should be the same as your pre-book number.
  • If you pre-book your Device from, you will have to follow the redemption process for Galaxy Buds+ as mentioned below
  • Once you pre-book the Device you will receive a notification vide SMS / email from the portal confirming your registration.
  • Your Device will be dispatched by the portal and you will be notified for the same via SMS or email.
  • Deliveries would start from 6th March onwards and can take 3-5 business days, depending upon your geographical location, where the Device has to be delivered.
  • The shipping of the Device & Galaxy Buds+ will be subject to availability of stocks.
  • Pre-bookers who pre-book the Device from Online portals as mentioned above may be eligible to avail the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ at ₹2,999.00 at their discretion. You will be required to activate the Device between 6th March to 31st March 2020 and register on the Samsung Shop App (to be downloaded from the Google Play Store) on or before 31st March 2020 with the same mobile number which has been used for pre-booking & activating the Device.
  • Redemption of the Galaxy Buds+ at ₹2,999.00 at customer discretion shall have to be completed by 15th April 2020.
  • In case you do not comply with the above mentioned timelines you will not be eligible for the Offer and no claims shall be entertained either against Samsung or its authorized partners.


  1. Redemption process for Galaxy Buds+ - Once you purchase / receive and activate the
  • Device you will have to follow the process for redeeming Galaxy Buds+ at ₹2,999.00 for S20 and ₹1,999.00 for S20+ and S20 Ultra at your discretion:
  • Redemption of the Galaxy Buds+ will start from 7th March 2020 on Samsung Shop.
  • Fresh enrolment/sign in to the Samsung Shop App (to be downloaded from the Google Playstore) must be completed by 31st March 2020 failing which you will not be eligible for the Offer.
  • Registration & sign in to Samsung Shop App to be done with same mobile number used for pre-booking & activating the Device. In case any other mobile number issued, you will not be eligible to avail the Offer.
  • In case you are already a Samsung Shop user, then you must pre-book & activate the Device with the same mobile number with which you are registered in the Samsung Shop application or else you will have to create a new Samsung Shop app account with the number you have used for pre-booking & activating the Device.
  • Open Samsung Shop & Visit “For You” Tab to check eligibility.
  • Allow Permission to read IMEI number or Enter manually the IMEI number & Mobile Number (when asked for).
  • OTP will be sent and/or Auto Read to the activation number being used in the IMEI.
  • Samsung Shop App will show list of available Offers. Please select the Galaxy Buds+ and add to cart.
  • Redemption of Galaxy Buds+ at customer discretion can be done only once for every phone number on or before 15th April 2020.
  • The shipping of Galaxy Buds+ will happen within 30 (thirty) days from the day of placing order for the same at Samsung Shop (i.e. Samsung e-store).
  • The Galaxy Buds+ shall be on As Is basis and will be delivered subject to the stock availability