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Types of Routers:

Routers have numerous types based on their configurations and the type of router a person wants is determined on the requirements and the types of configurations needed. While choosing the best compatible router for yourself, you need to make sure that you don’t buy a router that exceeds your minimum and becomes a difficulty to maintain.

Following are the attributes you should consider while choosing a Router:


Connection Inputs:

There are different types of connection inputs depending on the Internet Service Provider you have. Here are the several connections that can tethered to your router:


   o   RJ11 Telephone Line:

These connections use the standard telephone line. If you want to take a look at the RJ11 telephone line, just remove the wire connecting your landline to the telephone network and you can simply see the RJ11 line. Service providers who currently offer RJ11 internet connections include the Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd. (MTNL), Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited(BSNL), Reliance Broadband, Tata Broadband and Airtel. Only the routers that have ADSL term can work with the RJ11 type of connection.


   o   USB:

The USB internet dongles and data cards can be connected to the routers which have a USB port. The routers available today can be connected with a USB internet dongle and data card. Many Internet Service Providers like Tata Photon, MTS, Vodafone, Airtel and Reliance offer data cards and USB dongles which can be connected to USB-enabled routers. The USB router should have ‘3G’ capability, so make sure you have the right terms while buying the product. USB-enabled routers by Belkin, Micromax, TP-Link and Leoxsys can be bought at Croma.


   o   RJ45 Ethernet Cable:

The RJ11 connector is smaller than the RJ45. Do not confuse this connection with the RJ11. You can connect your laptop/desktop with this connector. Standardised as the IEC 60603-7 8P8C modular connector, the RJ45 has eight conductors which are double the conductors the RJ11 has. Airtel, Reliance, Hathway, Act and your cable TV service are the ISPs that currently offer internet connections. Pick the router that does not mention ADSL in the product description.


   o   SIM Cards:

Many routers today support SIM cards which are proven to offer faster internet connectivity. These type of routers enables you to connect to 3G internet and has faster speed. They also support 4G connectivity and CDMA/EVDO SIM cards. These routers are mainly used in places where Ethernet broadband networks are not available. Routers that have “SIM”, “MiFi” and “Mobile Hotspot” mentioned in their product descriptions are this type of routers.