Buy Usha Aqua Genie 25 Litres Vertical Storage Water Geyser (4687102519N, Cyan) Online - Croma
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  • 25 Litres, Storage Water Geyser
  • Heat Source: Electricity
  • Ideal Usage: Bathroom
  • Operation Type: Automatic
  • Wall Mount, Vertical
  • 7 bars Water Pressure, Power: 2000 Watts
  • Product Category

    • Capacity

    • 25 Litres
    • Operation Type

    • Automatic
    • Installation Type

    • Wall Mount
  • Features

    • Rated Water Pressure

    • 7 bar

It's time to replace your ordinary storage water heater with Usha Aqua Genie 25 L Vertical Geyser. Elegant in design, with a solid white and cyan colour, it's the perfect bathing companion during chilly winters. The 25-litre storage capacity is sufficient for a warm and relaxing bath for your entire family.  It handles up to 8 bars of pressure that makes it a viable option for multi-stored buildings.

Hub Of Safety Features
You can trust Usha Aqua Genie 25 L Vertical Geyser for safety and longevity. This is possible because of six safety features integrated into its functioning. The Blue sapphire enamel coating on the heating element and tank acts a shield against hard water, increasing this geyser's life. This geyser is also branded as Earth Leaking Protection Device making it shockproof in case of electricity leakage.

Quick And Efficient Heating
Usha Aqua Genie 25 L Vertical Geyser is known not only for its aesthetic appeal but also for its function. With features like Whirlpool Technology and Incoloy 800 heating element, you get warm water within minutes. This saves both time and energy. The high-grade PUF insulation traps the heat for a longer duration of time and protects the appliance from corrosion. The temperature knob lets you preset the temperature and time, allowing you to continue you with your daily chores.