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BUYING GUIDE FOR Washing Machine


Mentioned below are some of the must-have features for your washing machine:

  • Good Washing Quality
  • An ideal washing machine must feature good washing quality. It can have features like time saving, minimum water usage etc. but the primary function of a washing machine is to wash clothes and that should not be compromised for any other feature.
  • Power Fluctuations and Stability
  • Modern washing machines feature an auto-restart feature. This helps in case of power fluctuations, as it helps the washing machine to start from the point where it was interrupted by the power outage. This results in time and energy conservation
  • Different Cycles
  • In semi-automatic and top loading automatic washing machines, you can lift the lid in between a washing cycle to check for washing of stains. This option is not available in front loading machines. However, in front loading machines you have more options to select different washing cycles for heavy soiling and delicate clothing. More washing cycles enhances the machineâ??s ability to clean clothes.
  • Fuzzy Logic
  • In a fully automatic machine, you can use the â??Fuzzyâ?? option where it automatically chooses washing settings for you depending on the load and water pressure. It manages the entire washing cycle with a click of the button.
  • Automatic Water Level Control
  • This feature selects the right amount of water required in the washing cycle for each load to prevent overfilling. This feature is meant for optimal use of water.
  • Pre-wash
  • Some machines have a dedicated sink where you can hand wash your clothes with a water jet before starting the washing cycle.
  • Ultrasonic Stain Remover
  • This function uses Ultra Sonic waves and detergent to quickly remove stains.
  • 3D Scrub Technology
  • These machines provide the whitest wash possible, prevents entangling of clothes and features a unique Up-Down motion for washing and scrubbing.
  • Temperature Settings
  • Some machines have temperature settings for cool, warm, and hot water washing depending on requirements especially for cold climates where hot water washing is required because of extremely low water temperatures.


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