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Energy Source

Electric, Gas and Oil Units
A water heater usually uses electricity or gas to heat the water. There are also some water heaters that use home heating oil. The electrical water heaters are very inexpensive as they are easy to install and doesnâ??t require a lot of maintenance. A gas unit runs on either natural or propane gas. As it has a burner unit, this water heater is quite expensive.

Hybrid Design
The latest innovation in storage tank design is a hybrid system. These units incorporate heat pump technology into a traditional electric water heater. The heat pump removes heat from the surrounding air and uses it to increase the temperature of the water. These water heaters are more expensive than the traditional water heaters but save energy and reduce utility costs. They are usually installed in basements as they need at least 1,000 cubic feet of space along with a condensate pump or drain. These water heaters generate more noise as compared to the traditional water heater

Solar Water Heaters
An eco-friendly solution to fulfill the hot water requirements in a home is to get solar power water heater. It has a roof mounted solar collector that absorbs energy from the sun to heat the fluid in a closed loop system. The loop runs through the water tank after which the heat energy is transferred to the water. These water heaters are ideal for tax credits and help in compensating for their high price. This water heater gives the best performance in warm and sunny climates

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