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What are these data storage devices?

Storage, in simple words is the safekeeping of information. This information can be in the form of documents, video and audio files, photos, programs, and more. This information is to be in non-volatile form, meaning that the information should still be there when the host device (a computer, for example) is turned off and is readily accessible when the device is again switched on. It is more like a book or a paper notebook where we can keep going back to access the information which is unchanged, and ready for you to read or write on.There are two types of data storage devices- one which records information and holds it and another which stores and processes information and is removable from the source.

There are three things that you must keep in mind while buying a data storage device.

  • Capacity: It is the amount of data handled by the storage device.
  • Data Safety: It depends on the durability of the drive in which data is stored.
  • Performance: It refers to the speed at which the data transfers within the device and from one device to another

Purpose of this guide

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