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The Android operating system opens up a whole world of possibilities. Here are a few of the things you can do on an Android phone:

Get as many apps as you like

  • Watch videos on Youtube

  • Receive and send emails

  • Multi-task between apps

  • Chat with your friends

  • Edit, send, and receive movies

  • Create your own music

  • Find your way when you are lost with Google Maps or a 3rd party Navigation Software

  • Access push email

  • Check your temperature, heartbeat, and mood

  • Get weather updates

  • Multi-touch interface

  • Video calls and chat

  • Get a wide range of maps from all over the world

  • Edit pictures

  • Access all kinds of social networking websites

  • Upload videos and pictures on websites

  • Play thousands of games

  • Access internet radio and podcasts, and more!

In a nutshell, an Android phone gives you everything that you PC gives you, and more

How does it look?