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Whirlpool 25 Litres GUSTO GT 288 Convection Oven

Product Id: 179978

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  • Convection
  • 25 Litres Capacity
  • Convection: 1000 W Power
  • Jog Dial, Dual Emission System, Tact + Knob Control Type
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Whirlpool 25 Litres GUSTO GT 288 Convection Oven


Cooking Functions
  • Variable Cooking Power Levels 5
Category Type
  • Type of Microwave Oven Convection
  • Model Number GUSTO GT 288
  • Brand Whirlpool
Automatic Features
  • Auto Defrost Yes
  • Capacity 25 Litres
Functional Features
  • Cavity type MagiClean
Microwave Turn Table Dimensions
  • Turn Table Diameter (mm) 280
  • Power output (watts) Microwave- 700
After Sales Service
  • Warranty Magnetron- 2 Years
Product Description


Cooking is an art and food tastes better when you treat it like one. The Whirlpool 25 Litres GUSTO GT 288 Convection Oven helps you with this and presents your family with delicious meal day in, day out. Its premium quality and durable design make it last long, so you can enjoy the compliments for years to come. The 25 litres capacity makes it best suited for a family size of up to 4-5 people, and if you are a nuclear family with few members, you can even entertain a guest or two. Its 280 mm recessed turntable offers even cooking of food. The entire neighbourhood loves a bite of your freshly made pineapple cake? It's easy to keep them and yourself happy as you convert this microwave into an oven. By turning on the Oven mode, you can it use it as an OTG too and bake your delicious savouries. Who says you have to be a chef to cook a perfect meal? The dual emission system of this Whirlpool 25 Litres Convection Oven ensures even heat distribution by radiating microwave via 2 cavity inlets. This makes sure there are no cold or hot spots and you can enjoy optimally cooked food. Other features include MagiClean, Tact + Knob control type, Microtawa and Crisp, defrost, 5 power levels, jog dial, kitchen timer, combination cooking, 1000 W power for convection and 2 years warranty on Magnetron.


Designed to make your kitchen life easier, the Whirlpool Convection Oven is a useful appliance to bring home. Pizza gone stone cold while waiting for your friends to turn up? No issues, all you have to do is place it back in the oven and let it work its magic. The Jet Start feature of this oven instantly reheats food in just 30 seconds. Tired of waiting for frozen food to thaw to room temperature before you can start your cooking? The Jet Defrost feature of this convection oven takes care of it too. By defrosting up to 7 times faster, and on a uniform level, this oven offers faster defrosting of frozen food. And it's not just solid food that you can reheat. An easy way to instantly reheat 1-4 cups of your favourite cardamom tea is by placing it in this oven and let the Jet Beverage function do its job. The compact design makes it easily fit into tight spaces while its combination cooking capability allows you to use it as a versatile device. With up to 5 power levels, you can operate it at the level you want to. Set it to a pre-decided time with its kitchen timer and go about your other chores and let this oven cook you a sumptuous meal by the end of it.

Delicious Food in a Jiffy

Always pressed for time when it comes to making dinner but do not want to compromise on your family's health either? This is a common predicament faced by most of us and the Whirlpool 25 Litres Convection Oven is all set to take care of it. The Microtawa feature is a unique tawa that takes barely 2 minutes to heat up to 210 degrees. It also does not require more oil or grease to cook food, thereby taking care of your family's health. With a crisp function, it offers even crisping and browning of food on all sides. This makes sure food is not over-grilled or undercooked.


The Whirlpool Convection Oven with a 25 litres capacity and 280 mm recessed turntable is perfectly suited for a household of up to 4-5 people and looking for a versatile kitchen device.