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Whirlpool 7.2 Kg Agitronic 722SD Top Loading Washing Machine (Grey)

Product Id: 180149

  ₹20,484.00 ₹21,550.00

  • 7.2 Kg Automatic Machine
  • Top Loading
  • 18 Wash Programmes
  • Agipeller Wash System
  • 6th Sense Power Wash
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Whirlpool 7.2 Kg Agitronic 722SD Top Loading Washing Machine (Grey)


Washing Features
  • Delicate Yes
  • Rinse + Spin Yes
  • Normal wash Yes
Dimension and Weigth
  • Weight (kg) 33
  • Dimensions (W x D x H) (mm) 540 x 560 x 1025
  • Brand Whirlpool
  • Type of Washing Machine Fully Automatic
Rinse Type Features
  • Only Spin Yes
Product Description


Make washing clothes a quick and easy process with the Whirlpool 7.2 Kg Agitronic 722SD Top Loading washing machine. Offering you 18 different wash programmes you can choose according to your requirement. You will get thoroughly clean clothes as this washing machine features Agitronic Wash System. Depending upon the load and condition of the clothes the washing machine will automatically choose if intense Agitronic motion is needed as it comes with the 6th Sense Power Wash. This grey Top Loading washing machine also comes with water re-use feature saving on water and giving you wrinkle free clothes. Helping you get better washed clothes are functions like Extra Rinse, Low Spin and Aqua Store. Making your task easier are its features like Buzzer, Detergent Dispenser, Error Indication Icon Lighting, Auto Re-start and tinted Transparent Lid. Maintaining and cleaning the washing machine will be an easy and simple task as it comes with steel drum basket and Auto Tub clean feature. So, after the clothes have been washed you will no longer need to go through the hassle of properly cleaning the machine rather simply switch to Auto Tub Clean mode and have a spick and span washing machine.


Equipped with various useful features this Whirlpool 7.2 Kg Top Loading washing machine will ease up the process of washing clothes. Meanwhile, you carry your other tasks, your washing machine will wash all the clothes for you. After the washing process is over you will automatically be alarmed with the Buzzer sound. It also gives you the freedom to go out and finish your grocery shopping while the clothes are washed. In case there is a power cut even then when you come back home your clothes will be washed as the washing machine features Auto-Restart so as soon as power supply will start the washing machine will resume washing clothes. Likewise, it will alarm you if there is no water or there is voltage fluctuation as it is equipped with Error Indication Icon Lighting. Accessing and understanding different functions will be easy as it comes with a digital display. Monitoring the wash process will be simple with the transparent lid of this Top Loading washing machine. The various other useful features and functions that you get with this washing machine include Rat mesh, Aqua Store, Child Lock, Bleach Inlet, Rubber Foot, Magic Lint Filter, Water level selector, Back Control panel and Expressive Round Top lid. Equipped with the Water re-use function you can have wrinkle free clothes as after the rinsing is done, clothes still remain in water, giving you easy to iron clothes and also you can use the same water for next wash.

Spick-and-Span Clothes

Heavy Soiled clothes turn you off? You will no longer have to go through the pain when you have this Top Loading washing machine as it comes with several such features that will make your task easier and give you better washed clothes. Equipped with the Agitronic Wash system your clothes will be properly cleaned and washed as this system provides the perfect clothes rollover. Its 6th Sense Power will enhance the Agitronic motion if the clothes are heavily soiled or the load is more. In case you still feel the need to rinse it again, then switch to the Extra Rinse mode and get absolutely clean clothes. If there are some formal clothes then you can wash them at home with this Whirlpool Top Loading washing machine as it comes with the Low Spin feature, which can be perfect for delicate clothes. There are 18 different wash programmes that it offers so you can choose according to your requirement and have Spick-and-Span clothes everyday.


If you prefer washing clothes everyday and want it to be done smartly and quickly then try the Whirlpool 7.2 Kg Agitronic 722SD Top Loading washing machine. It can take a load capacity up to 7.2 kg, so you can comfortably wash the clothes and equipped with several smart features washing clothes will be easy and quick.