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  • Whirlpool FF Ref220L MMS235DLX

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Key Features

  • 220 Litres Double Door Refrigerator
  • Toughened Glass Shelves
  • BEE 4 Star Rating
  • Frost Free Defrosting


Now make your summers a refreshing experience as you cherish achilled ice cream out of your Whirlpool FF Ref220L MMS235DLX. It is a frost free refrigerator Designed by Whirlpoolto add perfection to your kitchen. Whirlpool FF Ref220L MMS235DLXis Designed with so many unmatched Features Designed to give your interiors a futuristic look. Whirlpool FF Ref220L MMS235DLX offersan affordable option to cater to your refrigeration requirements.Whirlpool FF Ref220L MMS235DLXis Designed with marvelous Features that will make you fall in love at first sight.Whirlpool FF Ref220L MMS235DLX is a perfect combination of style And sensibility coupled with practicality And productivity.Electrolux Ref DC 190L EBP205 has toughened glass shelves which make it a strong refrigerator.Whirlpool FF Ref220L MMS235DLXis a double door refrigerator with unique defrosting system so that you can keep bounty veggies And fruits inside And for a longer period of time.Whirlpool FF Ref220L MMS235DLXhas BEE 3 star rating. Whirlpool FF Ref220L MMS235DLX has excellent cooling system so even if you load huge capacity of fruits And vegetables its cooling And its shelves will not be damaged. So whether it is hot summer or cold winter, your food items will remain cool And fresh.


Whirlpool FF Ref220L MMS235DLXhas a very stylish And elegant look because of its beautiful colours. Whirlpool FF Ref220L MMS235DLX flaunts a stunning And luxurious finish which adds beauty to your kitchen And grabs every ones attention. Whirlpool FF Ref220L MMS235DLX Features tempered shelves in the compartment which makes it strong And it can hold large quantity of food item. It has a superior automatic defrosting system which allows cooling effects from the evaporator to pass into the freezer And also helps in less electricity bill.Whirlpool FF Ref220L MMS235DLX has a larger proportion of refrigeration to freezer compartment than most of the refrigerators in its segment. A 30:70 proportionate sharing of space in favour of refrigeration ensures optimum cooling. Whirlpool FF Ref220L MMS235DLX is a double door refrigeratorwith enough space to store fruits And veggies Whirlpool FF Ref220L MMS235DLXalso comes with door lock facility which keeps it safe And away from kids.


Whirlpool FF Ref220L MMS235DLX has BEE 3 star rating from energy bureau so it can be used for years And years as it consumes less power And helps in saving electricity. This high power rating ensures that Whirlpool FF Ref220L MMS235DLX does not drain off on your bill.

Special Features

Whirlpool FF Ref220L MMS235DLX Features a freshlock crisper which offers 40% more freshness to the fruits And vegetables thus increasingtheir life span.Whirlpool FF Ref220L MMS235DLX has 2 shelves in the compartment.Whirlpool FF Ref220L MMS235DLX Features ice twister And collector in the extra compartment so you can store ice And take it out easily And quickly.Whirlpool FF Ref220L MMS235DLX has bulb lighting which is powerful but also soothing And brightens up every corner of the refrigerator.Whirlpool FF Ref220L MMS235DLX also Features crisper to store all your fruits, vegetables And beverages.Even if you don�t store large quantity of fruits And veggies, you can store softer veggies And fruits in a systematic manner.Whirlpool FF Ref220L MMS235DLX has chiller that can store up to 5 bottles And it also has a dedicated zone for dairy products which ensures you get plenty of chilled water And ice during hot summer And large parties. The temperature inside refrigerator is low which keeps germs away from the refrigerator And you can also set the temperature as per your convenience.


Whirlpool FF Ref220L MMS235DLX has Dimensions of height 1441 (mm), width 562 (mm) And depth of 674 mm.Whirlpool FF Ref220L MMS235DLX provides for excellent cooling without consuming a large amount of space. The sleek And stylish Design of Whirlpool FF Ref220L MMS235DLX makes it a perfect addition to your kitchen.Whirlpool FF Ref220L MMS235DLX has 30:70 freezer ratio to refrigerator which offers more usable space with big refrigerator compartment.


Whirlpool FF Ref220L MMS235DLX work with one year Warranty for refrigerator And four years manufacturer Warranty for the compressor which ensures peace of mind with lower electricity bill


Whirlpool FF Ref220L MMS235DLX is an absolute value for money. With stylish And modern Design with BEE 3 star rating And various unmatched Features Whirlpool FF Ref220L MMS235DLXis perfect for those who loves style with durability And also for medium sized households. Thanks to the compact And elegant Design, you can place it conveniently in any corner of your home. With thedouble door whirlpool home appliance you can bring home the latest in technology.Whirlpool FF Ref220L MMS235DLX is a refrigerator which will give you both performance And style. So go ahead And order this appliance for your home today.

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