Buy Acuva Solarix Virus Disinfector (Disinfects 99.9 percent, 600-1200-04, White) Online – Croma
  • Virus Disinfector
  • Functions: Sanitizing | Disinfecting | Decontaminating
  • Disinfects 99.9% Virus and Bacteria
  • Handheld
  • Disinfects under 10 seconds
  • 12 Months Warranty
  • Product Category

    • Product Type

    • Virus Disinfector
    • Product Functions

    • Sanitizing | Disinfecting | Decontaminating
    • Ideal For

    • Car | Commercial Places | Household
    • Installation Type

    • Handheld
    • Power Source

    • Battery Powered | Electricity
    • Coverage Area

    • 16 mJ/cm2 at 5cm
  • Manufacturer Details

    • Brand

    • Acuva Solarix
    • Model Series

    • 600-1200-04
    • Model Number

    • 600-1200-04

Why buy Acuva Solarix Virus Disinfector


  • Opens up to 270° for disinfecting inaccessible objects and places
  • Disinfects 99.9% of Viruses and Bacteria in under 10 seconds
  • Safety Lock Switch ensure stick can be operated only after unlocking
  • Disinfects various items such as laptops, baby items, keys, beds, door handles, and more
  • Long LED Life ensures that the stick can be used for a long period


Disinfect any and every household, office, or vehicular item using the Acuva Solarix Virus Disinfector. Designed specifically for disinfecting inaccessible objects and places, the sanitizing device opens up to 270°. The equipment helps to disinfect various items such as laptops, baby items, keys, beds, door handles, and more. Safety being one of the primary concerns, the sterilizing stick is equipped with a child lock mechanism and can be activated only when the power button is pushed twice. For added security, the Acuva Solarix Virus Disinfector shuts down automatically after three minutes.


One of the USPs of the disinfector lamp is its easy operation. You simply need to charge the disinfector device completely, unlock it, and double press the power button to activate it. The device can successfully kill SARS-Cov-2, Human coronavirus 229E, and similar bacteria and viruses. This disinfection is being validated by Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Visibly illuminated mapping of the disinfection area for safety is provided. This lets you know the exact areas which are is being disinfected with the help of Visible Blue Light. For additional safety handling, the Acuva Solarix Virus Disinfector is provided with gloves that ensure that your body is kept safe from harmful UV radiation. The design is portable and can be carried at any place. So get start fighting with harmful bacteria that can wreak havoc on your health with a power armour in the form of this virus disinfector. Buy the virus disinfector now and keep you and your loved ones safe at all times from deadly viruses and bacteria.