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Advantages of an LED TV:

The most important advantage of having and LED TV is that it uses less power and acts as an eco-friendly agent at your house. A survey conducted recently conclude that many customers are happier with LED television sets as they do not use any mercury in the lighting system. LED backlighting results in screen thickness, meaning LED televisions weigh less and take up less space, since they are very sleek in design. With an interior designing perspective, they are easier to deal with as they are easier to hang up on walls or ceilings or just placing them on a table does the job.

LED TV models that are equipped with local dimming offer the most advantages as this feature provides you with wider viewing angles, more contrast in black levels, and increased depth in the picture. LED TVs have a very long life and do not distort the image production at any age. With the rise of OLED and QLED TVs, it is stated that the standard LED TVs are the most affordable and do not need high maintenance to have a long life.