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Different Types
Hi-Fi Music Systems

Music Systems that offer high fidelity sound reproduction with minimum distortion and an amazing frequency response are known as Hi-Fi music systems. Popular among the home audio model, they may feature single or multiple sources like CD player, tuner, cassette deck and an amplifier. Hi-Fi music systems may also be equipped with dual or multiple speakers to deliver a well groomed sound output.

  • It can play music from multiple sources
  • They deliver exceptional high fidelity music output
Wireless Music Systems

You can now do away with the hassle of wires that follow your speakers around the house. The wireless music system allows you to enjoy music all throughout your house without the hassle of wires. The media player uses infrared waves to send information through its transmitter to the speakers, which in turn receives them via in-built receiver. Most of the hi-fi manufacturers have been adding wireless music systems in their list of offerings.

  • They are wire free and offer great audio output
  • Allows you to connect multiple speakers without transmission hassle
5.1 Channel Home Theatre System

Designed to give you a theatre like experience, 5.1 channel home theatre systems play audio as well as video formats. They feature five speakers and a subwoofer which have been designed to replicate theatre like sound quality, right within your living space.

  • They are easy to setup and offer a theatre like sound experience
  • They play both audio as well as video formats
Portable Music system

These are lightweight and compact sized units that will play CDâ??s, cassettes, AM/FM and a lot more. Now- a-days portable systems have been loaded with a host of features to allow maximum functionality with absolute convenience.

MP3 Docking Systems

They have been exclusively designed to let you dock your iPods or other portable devices that are compatible with docking systems. When connected the dock reads the music files stored in the connected device and you can hear them via built-in speakers of the docking system.

  • Perfect for MP3 players that are compatible with such systems
  • Plays-out the music stored in your MP3 player.
CD/Radio Cassette Players

They feature a traditional design which plays multiple formats including cassette tapes, CDâ??s along with AM/FM bands. They are light weight, compact and can be powered through AC/DC power sources.

  • Can be used in house or outdoors as they can be plugged to a power source or can be battery operated
  • They are lightweight and compact which makes them easy to handle

Key differences between a 'Hi-Fi' 'Portable' '5.1 Channel Home Theater' and 'Wireless Music Stystem'

Parameters Hi-Fi Music System Portable Music System 5.1 Channel Home Theatre System Wireless Music System
Playable Formats CDâ??s, USB, AM/FM, some may even play DVDâ??s and cassettes Stereo Player: Cassettes, Audio CDâ??s, AM/FM
Digital Media Port: MP3 player, iPod
DVDâ??s, VCDâ??s, USB, portable hard drives, AM/FM CDâ??s, USB, AM/FM, some may even play DVDâ??s
Usage Medium Only Indoors Indoors as well as outdoors Only Indoors along with a television Only Indoors with or without television connectivity
Space Consumed They consume more shelf space The compact size takes up minimum space The speakers can be installed on the walls and would not take much space They can be installed across your room without worrying about connectivity via wires
Speakers Minimum 2-4( you can connect additional speakers) In-built mono or dual speakers 5 speakers and 1 subwoofer Depends on the music system
Target Consumer Those do not wish to have an elaborate Music system Those who wish to carry their music system For those who create a theatre like sound experience at home For those who wish to have a wire free music experience at their home