Bose Wave SoundTouch IV Music System (Black) - Price, Specifications & Features
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  • Built-in Wi-Fi And Bluetooth
  • Waveguide Technology
  • Six Preset Buttons
  • Easy Operation via SoundTouch App
  • Built-in CD Player
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    • Brand Support Number

    • 18004588407 | 18001022673 | 1800 891 2940
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Enjoy an inexhaustible amount of music and still feel in a good mood with this amazing Bose Wave SoundTouch IV Music System that comes with a host of connectivity features to keep your music hearing needs to be satiated at all times. Apart from Bluetooth connectivity, the speaker also boasts of a super-fast Wi-Fi connectivity that allows you to connect to music hearing platforms like iTunes and Spotify to ensure you have an array of unlimited songs to choose from. The speaker system is also very easy to set up and control and can be easily operated with the help of the SoundTouch app from your smartphone or tablet and also with the 6 preset buttons and infrared remote control. The space-saving design ensures you can place it wherever you want and always enjoy high-quality music.

Brilliant Audio Quality

The Bose Wave SoundTouch IV Music System ensures you have an amazing audio experience at all times thanks to its cutting-edge audio technology. The speakers provide you incredible stereo sound and come with two precisely positioned drivers that tackle the mid or high range notes with crisp, vibrant definition and a high-power woofer that reproduces the soul of bass notes with depth and clarity. The speaker also comes with a waveguide technology that boosts the quality of the audio output. The speaker which is very easy to set up and ensures balanced sound so that you can enjoy the optimum clarity and distortion-free audio at all times.

Multiple Connectivity Options

We are sure that you have not enjoyed as many connectivity features from such an ergonomically designed speaker as this Bose Wave SoundTouch IV Music System comes with a multitude of connectivity options that give you countless audio possibilities. The Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect a wide range of smartphones or tablets so that you enjoy any time of music you want. The speaker also comes with a Wi-Fi connectivity to allow you to connect to popular music services like Spotify, iTunes and Deezer and popular internet radio stations which ensures you never exhaust your music library. You can also load regular or home-burned CDs/MP3 CD’s in the front to go old school. The operation of the speaker is extremely easy thanks to the six preset buttons which allow you to assign a certain platform or radio station for instant music hearing while the SoundTouch app aids in providing convenient control of the speaker from your smartphone or tablet.

This music system also comes with Wi-Fi and has a wireless network compatibility of 802.11 b/g/n. It also supports audio formats such as MP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC and Apple Lossless. There is also an Aux input along with FM antenna that provides you with unlimited music. In the sales package of this product, you will find the Wave SoundTouch music system IV, a 2.4 m (8 foot) AC power cable and an (IR) Remote control (battery pre-installed).