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The Evolution of Point Shoot Cameras

Cameras have now been around for quite a few decades and have branched into quite a few categories. The major ones being DSLR and point shoot cameras. Point shoot cameras have been around ever since they used physical film storage as opposed to a digital storage to capture photos and were a go-to device for photography enthusiasts all around the world for its simple one click operation.

Point Shoot Cameras are Easy to Use

A camera using flash storage to store photos and videos digitally is a highly convenient way to store all photos as it allows easy copying of photos to your computer or other devices. Camera Memory Cards like microSD cards have become the most popular way to store digital images. The people who are just starting out with photography usually choose a point shoot camera as opposed to a DSLR. The operation of a point shoot camera is fairly easy, it doesn’t require many adjustments and you simply have to click the shutter button to capture a photo.

Advanced Point Shoot Cameras give you Additional Controls

Advanced point and shoot cameras in the market allow you to adjust various parameters before clicking your image. You can adjust the ISO, shutter speeds and more features in some advanced point shoot cameras. This allows you to get a fine-grained control over various aspects of your photo. The biggest advantage of point shoot cameras is their portability. While a DSLR camera requires you to carry a heavy bag containing lenses, accessories and the camera itself, point shoot cameras are compact enough to fit your pocket or backpack. This also reduces the likelihood of you missing a shot because you were too busy taking out a heavy camera out of the bag.

Point and Shoot Cameras are better than Smartphone Cameras

Some might argue that mobile phones are a direct competitor to point shoot cameras. However, even the latest Smartphones fall short to mimic the quality of a point shoot camera. This is because Smartphones are equipped with tiny lenses which physically limit its capabilities up to a certain extent. Point shoot cameras have bigger lenses and can offer wider optical zoom.

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