Buy Crompton Back-up 9 Watts Electric Powered (810 Lumens, LED9WDFINV4CDL, White) Online – Croma
  • Product Type: LED Bulb
  • Ideal For: Home | Outdoor
  • Installation Type: Wall Mount | Portable
  • Electric Powered
  • 9 Watts
  • Warranty: 12 Months
  • Functions

    • Additional Functions

    • Auto Switch On
  • Features

    • No. of Bulbs

    • 1 Bulbs
    • Rechargeable

    • Yes
    • Additional Features

    • Battery Management

Why Buy Crompton Back-up 9 Watts Electric Powered
  • 9 watts will provide long-term durable service
  • Exceptional durability minimizes the risk of damage
  • excellent color rendering index will brighten your space

To keep your home well-illuminated, buy Crompton Back-up 9 Watts Electric Powered . For the best results, choosing the right kind of led bulb is important. The quality of the light and energy efficiency are the defining factors of this led bulb. Choosing the wrong color for your led bulb can clash with the entire ambiance of your home. The excellent color rendering index lighting of this led bulb will have a calming and peaceful effect. Requiring minimal power to operate, this handy led bulb will help cut down on your energy bills.

The Crompton Back-up 9 Watts Electric Powered price is so reasonable that you don’t have to adjust your budget to buy it. Which shaped bulb you pick depends on your personal preference as well as home decor. Thanks to the classic round of this led bulb, the light gets equally distributed in your room. And, it gives you space a stylish touch. If you want to keep your room illuminated for years to come, make sure that you buy a durable led bulb. The long-lasting durability of this led bulb will make sure your space is always well-lit. Selecting a led bulb with poor wattage can result in a dimly lit room. This 9 watts led bulb emanates ample light to let you enjoy your evening. Why wait, when you can buy the Crompton Back-up 9 Watts Electric Powered online this minute?