Buy DEDAKJ Household Oxygen Concentrator (Flow Rate: 2 - 9 L/min, Oxygen Concentration 30 - 90%, DE-2AW, White) Online – Croma
  • Oxygen Concentrator
  • Helps in Breathing Therapy
  • Flow Rate: 2 - 9 L/min
  • Portable
  • Oxygen Concentration 30 - 90%
  • 12 Months Warranty
  • Product Category

    • Product Type

    • Oxygen Concentrator
    • Product Functions

    • Helps in Breathing Therapy
    • Can Be Used On

    • Face
    • Installation Type

    • Portable
  • Manufacturer Details

    • Brand

    • DEDAKJ
    • Model Series

    • Household
    • Model Number

    • DE-2AW

Why buy DEDAKJ Household Oxygen Concentrator


  • Oxygen absorption function effectively improves the body's hypoxia condition
  • Flow Rate is 2 - 9 L/min
  • Oxygen Concentrator is in the range of 30 - 90%
  • Produces low noise
  • Portable in size, light in weight, and easy to operate


In the event of a sudden loss of breath, it is always advised to have an oxygen concentrator at your disposal. To tackle such pleasurable circumstances, the DEDAKJ Household Oxygen Concentrator is being specifically built to avert any breathing crisis that may occur at your home. The portable oxygen concentrator produces high purity oxygen gas for supplementary oxygen for domestic use through a new technology called Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA) that stabilizes the fast heartbeat and shortness of breath within a quick time. Having a flow rate of 2-9L/min, the DEDAKJ Tech Household Oxygen Concentrator can constantly produce concentrated oxygen of 30% - 90%.


The Oxygen concentrator is built of high commercial standards but keeping the utility of home use. It comes equipped with a large and clear LED screen, an intelligent chip automatic control circuit, and an automatic fault alarm function. Keeping your safety as the highest priority, the DEDAKJ Tech Household Oxygen Concentrator is constructed with an overheat protection circuit. When the working temperature of the device gets too high, the machine stops. This is to avoid any malfunction and to protect the compressor. The oxygen concentrator is extremely handy as it is easy to move and is not only ideal for household use, it can also serve as a vehicle mount. Do buy this oxygen concentrator and be well prepared to tackle any untoward breathing difficulties.