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  • Nebuliser
  • Functions: Helps in Breathing Therapy, Helps in Pain Relief/Relaxation
  • USB Support
  • Handheld
  • For All Age Group
  • 12 Months Warranty
  • Product Category

    • Product Type

    • Nebuliser
    • Product Functions

    • Helps in Breathing Therapy | Helps Pain Relief/Relaxation
    • Can Be Used On

    • Respiratory System
    • Suitable For

    • All Age Group
    • Installation Type

    • Handheld
  • Manufacturer Details

    • Brand

    • Dr. Odin
    • Model Series

    • PN-100
    • Model Number

    • PN-100

Why buy Dr. Odin Nebuliser


  • Suitable For all age groups
  • Pocket Size makes it easy to carry
  • Rechargeable Battery to nebulize when you are out or having no power at home
  • USB Support ensures advanced usability
  • Large Mist and Fine Particles makes it so much easier to breathe


Now, get relief from various breathing difficulties such as Cough, Asthma, Fever, Sore Throat, and Rhinitis by getting Dr. Odin Nebuliser. The portable mesh nebuliser is pocket-sized so that there is greater ease of carrying it around as it may be needed at a short moment’s notice at any point in time. It is suitable for the youngest of children as well as old people. Anyone from any particular age group can use this nebuliser with perfect ease. It offers multi-angle nebulization which comes in an IPX7 waterproof design. The Dr. Odin PN Nebuliser is made in a way that it is almost silent and does not disturb the person who is using it or the other people around him or her which makes it being able to be used anywhere easily. It’s around 10 cm in height which makes it perfectly portable while you are travelling and it can be easily kept in a shoulder bag or you can even carry it in the pocket. It provides increased portability, convenience, and energy efficiency along with similar lung deposition and increased ease of use compared with jet nebulisers. It is driven by a piezo element and uses ultrasonic frequencies to vibrate the mesh. The vibration of the mesh causes aerosol generation as the liquid passes through it.


One of the best features of this Dr. Odin Nebuliser is that it lets out larger mist and fine particles which makes it so much easier to breathe in while using lesser effort. It offers an average nebulization rate of 8 ml/minute. It uses a mesh cap with tiny holes to help dispense medication into consistent particle sizes that can be easily and comfortably inhaled. It enables you to complete your treatment in as little as 7 minutes. It has a rechargeable battery which helps you to nebulize while you have no power at home. Being able to run on the battery you can also use it when you are on the move. In keeping with modern times, this product comes with USB support making it the perfect compact and portable nebuliser to use in the market. So, wait no more! Purchase the Dr. Odin Nebuliser online, right now!