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  • 4.49 cm (1.77"), 128 x 160 pixels 
  • 0.032 GB RAM | 0.32 GB ROM
  • 800 mAh Lithium Ion Battery
  • Mobile Category

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    • Feature Phone
    • Mobile Form Factor

    • Bar
    • Condition

    • New
  • Manufacturer Details

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    • Easyfone
    • Model Series

    • Star
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    • Star

There is no one single child who does not like fiddling with phones. They can spend hours having a phone beside them. But what is the use of giving the phones just for the sake of playing? Does your phone gives safety to your kids? No, right? Then make your kids happy with India’s first kid’s phone Easyfone Star. The phone is especially designed to help your kids be confident, safe, responsible.

Know Your Kid’s Surroundings

The Easyfone Star lets you listen what is exactly happening in your kid’s surroundings. The phone has an auto call back option. In case the phone is not picked up by your child, the phone will auto call back you. This safety feature helps you to let your child go or stay anywhere. This is a very useful feature when you want the assurance that your child is looked after well. The phone has a GPS track location to locate your kids whenever you want. It has a cradle charger that makes charging pretty simple. Even a 4 year old child can use this phone.

Guaranteed Safety

The Easyfone Star helps to keep your child closer and safer to you. It can receive calls from present numbers only. This phone satiates the need of your kids to own a phone and on the other hand keeps your worries away. The phone makes calls to pre-set numbers only. It has a help button. Also, it does not have any internet access. The phone is completely tamper proof.

Features to Fall For

The Easyfone Star has a do not disturb time zones. Parents can set up the do not disturb feature that will keep the child’s phone in silent mode. The phone has a help button that enables your child to get help as quickly as possible. It automatically sends a help message and calls 5 family members one by one. It also repeats the calls in case the phone goes unanswered. You can set reminders and schedules on your child’s phone. You can set alarms, medicine reminders or birthday reminders on this phone. You can personalise the phone with pictures of family members whose numbers will be called the most.