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Emotix Miko My Companion Robot

Product Id: 205218

  ₹18,990.00 ₹19,000.00

  • Adaptive personality
  • Parental control and safety
  • Emotional belief system
  • Fun and educational games with inbuilt My Miko app
  • In-bulit Knowledge base and access more via the internet

Emotix Miko My Companion Robot


  • Brand Emotix
Key Features
  • Key features Knowledge base/ Social interaction/ Adaptive personality/ Emotional belief system/ Parental control and safety/ Fun and educational games
Category Type
  • Model Number Miko
Product Description

Emotix brings to you this Emotix Miko toy that will prove to be a nice companion for your little one. It is a robot that acts as a constant pal of your child so that he or she never runs out of company. It has been crafted with care using good quality materials that will last your kid for a long time. It can answer any questions that may arise in the mind of your little one. Besides, it is compact in size, really cute to look at and will be very nice for your kid to hold. It can be recharged so that the Miko can function efficiently.

Interactive Toy

This Emotix Miko toy comes with smart features that will win the heart of your little one. Miko will help your child to develop a massive knowledge base. It can answer any question that your little child will ask him. The answers that your child receives from Miko will eventually help to shape the knowledge base of your little one.

Parental Control

This Emotix Miko toy can be controlled by parents very easily. The toy comes with a parental dashboard which gives direct access to the parents. You can choose what Miko does. You can forbid Miko to perform activities. The advanced control panel lets you choose what actions Miko can perform. Make Miko perform fun activities that your child can pick up a habit of. Let your child learn new games and activities with the help of Miko.

A Learning Device

This Emotix Miko toy acts as a faithful companion to your little one. It can be controlled by the parents and thus will prove to be beneficial for the kids. Miko is not only a toy but is an interactive learning device too. Make Miko perform new activities and let it teach your child a new thing every time your little one decides to play with Miko.

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