Buy Faber 4 Burner Glass Built-in Hob (Double Round Drip Tray, Jumbo 4BB SS, Black) Online - Croma
  • Device Type: Hob Cooktop
  • 4 Cooktops
  • Manual Ignition
  • Burner Specifications: Small + 2 Medium + Jumbo
  • 24 Months Warranty
  • Manufacturer Details

    • Model Series

    • Jumbo
    • Model Number

    • 4BB SS
  • Product Aesthetics

    • Color

    • Stainless Steel
    • Color Family

    • Black

The Faber Jumbo 4BB SS Hob Cooktop is an elegant glass top gas stove with three burners and features a solid build that adds sophistication to your kitchen. It is made with the intricate finish and a luxurious look. It is designed by giving a thorough thought to expedite the whole cooking process. Considering the workload of working class people, who go through a whole range of activities at home in addition to their workplace, a cooktop that is convenient, easy to handle and also easy to maintain is essential. The Faber Jumbo 4BB SS Hob Cooktop not only fulfils this purpose but also accentuates the look of your kitchen interior by drawing attention to its immaculate look in front of visitors. It is visually attractive and lets you indulge in cooking even on a lazy day. It sophisticates the look of a traditional kitchen and gives prominence to your modular kitchen. And what more, it is packed with the best in class features of any cooktop there is.

Excellent Features and Strong Build

The Faber Jumbo 4BB SS Hob Cooktop features three burners made of brass to be fuel-efficient. So you don’t have to worry about fuel consumption and cook innumerable dishes to surprise your guests. The 4 burners come in various sizes being one small, two medium and one jumbo burner. This adds convenience to your cooking, as you can use the corresponding sized utensils to the respective burners and expedite the cooking process. The stainless steel frame is not only beautiful and functional but also provides full pan support. The double drip tray makes for an easier clean-up and at the same time not allowing the drippings to get burnt. The Faber Jumbo 4BB SS Hob Cooktop has toughened build for durability and sports an elegant look. Get better at multitasking using this cooktop embedded with multiple burners.