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  • 1.5 Ton Split Air Conditioner
  • 5 Star Rating
  • Air Sleep Cooling Control Technology
  • 4-Way Air Swing, Filter Clean Indicator
  • Air Conditioner Category

    • Air Conditioner Type

    • Split
    • Air Conditioner Capacity

    • 2 Ton
    • Approximate Coverage Area(Sq.Ft)

    • 170 Sq. Ft.
    • Approximate Coverage Area(Sq.M)

    • 16 Sq.m
    • Installation Type

    • Wall Mount
  • Manufacturer Details

    • Model Series

    • RAU518AVD
    • Model Number

    • RAU518AVD


Enjoy a sound sleep with the Hitachi 1.5 ton ZUNOH200F RAU518AVD split air conditioner at home. Powered with the Air Sleep Cooling Control technology, this white split AC will regulate the room temperature and fan settings according to your active movement. Equipped with an infra-red sensor, it detects your movement, while you are asleep. If you don�t move, then it will increase the temperature by 1 degree Celsius every hour for up to two hours and when the sensor detects your movement it will automatically reset to the original fan and temperature settings. You can sleep sound when you install this split AC with iSense technology. Along with a comfortable sleeping ambience, this Hitachi air conditioner also provides you with clean and fresh air. Featuring stainless steel plated filter, it reduces the growth of bacteria by up to 99.9%. The moment bacteria will come in contact with this stainless steel plated filter, the metal ions will hold them reducing their growth. Enjoy spick and span air, when you install this split AC at home. There is also a filter clean indicator, which you get in it. With this indicator, you will get to know when the AC filter requires cleaning. Benefit with bacteria and dust-free air with this Hitachi AC at home.


With multiple modes, you can use this Hitachi air conditioner according to your convenience and requirement. Conserving energy and providing you optimum cooling is the auto off mode in this AC. During monsoon or high humidity weather condition, switch to the dry mode that can reduce the fan speed to remove moisture. There is also the soft dry mode. In hot summer days, the SuperCool and cool mode will come to your assistance. The AC works at its maximum during the SuperCool mode and provides maximum cooling and in the cool mode you can set the temperature from 16 to 32 degree Celsius and also use the off timer and sleep mode. If you want you can also use the powerful mode during summer afternoons. It increases the air flow speed and the set temperature quickly to provide you a chilled room for 30 minutes. The fan speed will be high during this mode. There is also the fan mode with three different fan speed settings. You can toggle among them according to your requirement. This Hitachi split AC specifications include an intelligent on and off timer with advanced start-up. It checks the room temperature an hour before the off timer setting and reaches the desired temperature. Other useful modes include auto restart, auto power save mode, and auto fan speed. It also has four way air swing feature. The other convenience features you get include backlight remocon, digilock and wireless LCD remocon. Sturdy and lasting, it comes with precoated aluminium fins and has undergone 43 quality tests.


Perfect for a small and medium size room, this best split air conditioner can be ideal for home and office purpose.