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Storage Water Heaters

Storage water heaters are domestic heating appliances that maximise the heating capacity and produce hot water in a jiffy. They feature electrical resistance elements to warm the water safely. The intelligent electrical energy distribution system of these devices makes it cut off when the load is high. This is to avoid electric circuits from blowing up. You can conveniently take hot water baths anytime of the day. Today having a water heater in the bathroom is a must as warm water baths regulate the blood flow. It is essential to install the right water heater as per your requirements. Most of the time people are afraid of excessive power consumption of these heaters. However with technological advancements the thermal cut-out of these storage water heaters ensures that less energy is consumed. At Croma we offer a comprehensive range of storage water heaters from brands such as A.O. Smith Racold Altro V-Guard Havells etc. They have a large water storage capacity and provide ample protection against erosion and hard water. Some of them even feature temperature knobs to control the heat as per your convenience. The wired remote control feature of several models allows you to operate it from a distance. The mounting bracket enables you to install the machine quickly on the bathroom wall. The temperature regulator helps save power of the device and reduces the electricity cost. The heating elements of the machine last longer for sufficient warmth while you bathe. It is crucial that you recognise and understand the features and execution of every single model before making a purchase. Hence you can go through the numerous user reviews of electric storage water heaters that are available on our website before deciding. We offer the largest brands of storage water heaters at the lowest price in India. Buy water heater online to avail the best discounts and offers

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