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Deep Freezer Refrigerator

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    • Enhanced Power Saving
    • Compact Design with Twin Doors
    • Ideal for Mass Storage of Food Items
    • Impressive Capacity of 400L

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  • Deep Freezer

    A deep freezer is a standalone appliance, and it is a lot more economical, energy efficient and far better in the preservation of food than a regular refrigerator. A deep freezer has fewer shelves and compartments which provides a huge capacity to store food. The minimalistic design of a deep freezer allows you to easily place the refrigerator anywhere in your house. Aside from the storage space inside, you can also save on space by keeping stuff atop the deep freezer. Due to the way a deep fridge is designed, it provides excellent heat retention that helps in maintaining the freshness and nutritional values of the food items for a long period of time. Most deep freezers are equipped with a manual to defrost, which is a lot more energy efficient than automatic defrost. In case of a power outage, an unplugged deep freezer can keep food frozen for up to three days. Deep freezers are generally used for commercial purposes (such as in the Kirana stores, eateries, and other small as well as large establishments), but it is not limited to that. People do buy deep freezers for their homes as well. If you mostly cook your food at home, the deep freezer will provide you with a great deal of monetary savings. You can purchase a month’s food in bulk (by which you can avail good discounts) and store them in the deep freezer without having to worry about the food getting rotten and wasted.


    Best Deep Freezers in India

    Deep freezers can be found in various containing capacities which can range from as low as 100 liters and can go beyond 700 liters. Among the popular brands of the best deep freezers in India, you can choose to go for Bluestar deep freezers, LG deep freezers, Voltas deep freezer, Samsung deep freezers, Godrej deep freezers, Haier deep freezer, and Whirlpool deep freezer.


    Buy Deep Freezer Online

    Before buying a deep freezer online, one should always weigh the features and benefits it offers, check the cost of deep freezers with similar attributes, and find whether it is most suitable for your need. Croma helps you buy refrigerators online with the greatest level of convenience. Discover and compare from a wide variety of the best deep freezers in India, check deep freezer prices in India and avail amazing discounts. You will also be able to go through the listed features, the detailed descriptions, technical specifications and customer reviews, all of which enable you to make an informed purchase of deep freezer refrigerators. Aside from deep freezers, at Croma, you will find an exhaustive collection of the best refrigerators, including the best wine coolers, best single door refrigerator, best double door refrigerators, best side by side refrigerators and best triple door refrigerators in India.


    Order at Croma Store and Receive Your Deep Freezer at Your Doorstep

    You can also choose to drop by at the nearest Croma store to enjoy a hands-on experience of the best refrigerators, and make a comparison of the various deep freezers, before placing your order. Once you have placed the order, your refrigerator is packed and dispatched in the shortest possible time. Enjoy speedy delivery and on-time customer service when you choose any product from croma.com. Besides providing great deals, Croma also offers you EMI payment option, warranty extension, and unparalleled customer service (assured lifetime service).