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Top Load Washing Machines

Top Loading Washing Machines

Buy Top Load Washing Machines Online from the Best Manufacturers

Washing machines have evolved over the past decade. Nowadays you can choose from several types of washing machines. Top loading and front loading washing machines come with their specialties. Choose from well-known brands like LG, IFB and Samsung.

The Best Washing Machines Online on Croma’s Website

Choose from a large selection of top loading washing machines. Enjoy discounts and festive offers when you buy washing machine online. Croma is a Tata Enterprise and we provide you with online and in-store buying options. Get your favorite products delivered anywhere across India. Visit Croma website to compare various specifications, features, customer reviews and price between top loading washing machines & enjoy the best after sales services. Top loading washing machines offer many intelligent built-in technologies & wash programs like delicate, heavy, mixed, cotton, synthetic, that will clean your clothes while protecting them from wear & tear.

Inverter Top Loading Washing Machines

The latest generation of washing machines comes with a built-in inverter motor which provides substantial power savings. This motor is capable of running on variable speeds based on the requirement of the wash, conserving energy.

Top Loading Washing Machines with Built-in Lint Collector

Top loading washing machines come with intelligently designed drums that help wash clothes quickly while causing minimal fabric damage. This ensures that your clothes stay like new for longer.

Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machines

You no longer have to worry about being present near the top loading washing machine. These washing machines come in fully automatic capabilities and take care of all your wash, rinse and spin cycles on its own. You can even use delayed timer or select 1 or 2 wash options based on your needs, giving you a hassle-free washing experience.

Top Loading Washing Machines with Touch Controls

Fully automatic top loading washing machines come with digital display and touch controls to offer a seamless washing experience. You can setup the wash in just a matter of few button presses. The built-in buzzer will // alert you once the washing cycle is completed.

Ultra-durable Top Loading Washing Machines

Top loading washing machines feature a transparent and highly durable door, allowing to easily view the status of your wash at a glance. Top loading washing machines offer better space savings than their front loading counterparts.

Fuzzy Logic Top loading washing machines

Most top loading washing machines have built-in intelligent features such as fuzzy logic and chaos logic which can automatically adjust the water temperature and quantity. This saves substantial amount of water on every wash.

Keep Your Clothes Clean and Smelling Fresh

Save plenty of time & wash more clothes with fully automatic top loading washing machines. There are top loading washing machines in the market that exceeds the wash quality of even hand-washed clothes and they achieve it in less than half the time. Built-in softener and detergent dispensers allow even mixing so that your clothes are free from any stains post wash.

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