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Water Purifiers Dispensers

Buy Water Purifiers and Water Dispensers Online

Buy Water Purifiers and Water Dispensers at Best Prices

In the past few years, there has been an increase in the awareness regarding the quality of potable water and its effects on health. Requirements may vary widely for water purifiers and water dispensers based on the household and the type of water supply that they receive, which Croma is here to fulfill.

Keep Your Family Healthy with a UV Water Purifier

The total dissolved solids (TDS) in water comprise salts and matter dissolved in it. It is essential to get your water TDS tested before choosing a water purifier for home. For water supply that has a low TDS level, UV water purifiers are more than capable to remove the harmful microorganisms to provide healthy drinking water. A UV water purifier features a high intensity ultraviolet lamp inside which deactivates all harmful elements such as bacteria and other pathogens from the water. This also makes a great cost-effective solution.

Buy a RO Water Purifier This Festive Season

RO water purifiers are ideally suited for areas where the water quality is hard. A RO water purifier contains a special membrane filter which removes heavy metals, rust and other pollutants from the water. An RO UV water purifier combines the features of both types of water purifiers to give you safe potable water. A TDS controller allows you to adjust the level of purification with ease.

Avail offers on Water Dispensers Online

There are standalone water dispensers available in the market whose main function is to simply supply water in a convenient way. There is also water dispensers which are able to provide warm, chilled and normal water based on the user’s requirements. These types of dispensers are widely used in hotels, offices as well as college campuses.

Buy Hybrid Water Purifiers and Water Dispensers

Hybrid products which combines a water purifier and dispenser, give you the benefits of both. These are widely used in bigger organizations to provide safe potable drinking water to their employees.

Water purifiers and water dispenser maintenance

Maintenance of water purifiers is extremely simple. Their filter membranes get clogged by accumulating impurities over time. These filters can be cleaned to restore the full purification capability. After a certain time, the membrane requires replacement. The membrane replacement process is simple and can be done fairly quickly. The frequency of changing membrane completely depends on the usage patterns. What’s more, the membrane is a fraction of a cost of the purifier itself so it doesn’t require a big investment. After all health is the biggest investment one should focus on.

Choose from Best Water Purifier and Water Dispenser Brands

Buy a water purifier and water dispenser at best price. Top manufacturers like Kent, Aquaguard, Pureit and Eureka Forbes provide the best water purifiers and water dispensers.

Buy the Best Water Purifiers and Water Dispensers Online

Visit Croma & get the best water purifiers and water dispensers for home as well as your workplace. You can also visit out stores to get the products home delivered anywhere across India. Compare various specifications, features, customer reviews and prices on Croma website. Make a well informed buying decision from the comfort of your couch.

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